Good price on Amazon

I searched but did not see anything on this so I figured I would post. Was on Amazon and noticed the digital codes for PS4/One where both $39.99. Checked and the digital deluxe is the same price. So currently the game can be had with the season pass for $39.99.

This needs to be posted everywhere. Every forum for bb.

Kinda pisses me off I spent $80 to have the game 3 weeks earlier. Tried to support the game by buying the digital deluxe, but didn’t expect the price was going to tank this bad damn.

A better price on PC…

Yep. Makes me feel like ive wasted money especially when Ive had two encounters with support being unable to do anything at all, most recently being a match didnt give me any rewards yet showed in career data. Lost a legendary and with it my patience for support.

I will gladly be one of people who “wasted” money if the game goes more steady somehow.