Good shield to pair with Berzerker Deathless artifact?

I finally got a legendary artifact…the Berzerker Deathless. I am currently pairing it with a Resonant Back Ham which seems to work ok but curious what better shield options I should look for that would work well with the 1 hp artifact.

With this setup I have 19.9K shield which seems good but I really have no clue.

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Transformer would work well I guess

Transformer is the Budget Sham, works great with Deathless. Close second IMO is the Frontloader.

How is that transformer good? I looked it up and it looks like it only has 263 capacity? With 1 hp wouldn’t that make me die really easy if I’m not getting constant shock damage?

As for the Frontloader…can it reserve health as shield simultaneously with my artifact because otherwise I only have 1 hp to spare. lol.

Vaulthunter… don’t you notice when you look at a Lv6 shield?

The lv 50 Transformer I have is sitting just over 12K shield which goes a long way due to absorbing shock damage to replenish itself and also absorbing bullets at a 40% chance. On Moze I sit at about 34K shield without Phalanx doctrine stacks atm. It goes an extremely long way due to the absorb chance for bullets in general and being able to literally ignore shock enemies while you kill everything else.

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Seems to be the shield of choice when running deathless.

Sentinel recharge! Mine has a base value of 12.3k doubled up with my shield of retribution (I think that’s the skill name) doubling it to about 24.6k add on the fact that it instantly recharges after breaking (cooldown 20 seconds) my shield is almost over 50k.

Edit: will be even better with the deathless artifact. I’ve yet to find one myself.

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Instantly begins recharging when broken. So it doesn’t instantly go back to full, It just starts replenishing at its rate without the normal delay?

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No, It instantly refills. The description says “begins” recharging, but it instantly refills. I promise. That’s what makes re-charger shields special. Pair this with Vladof Ingenuity, Thin Red Line, Behind The Iron Curtain, and Force Feedback skills, you become an unstoppable tank.

Edit: Get a bloodletter class mode and add in the Vampyr perk from the demolition woman skill tree and you are godly tanky.

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Yeah pretty much what the above poster said, it’s instantly refills, I use it on my amara all the time. Its a pretty damn good shield if you ask me. If I’m not using that one, I’m using a transformer.

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Yeah, the Frontloader works based on your max health, regardless of whether there is health left to be reserved.

Unfortunately, those do not work together. If you take one point more damage than your shield would block, you’re downed instantly.

Yeah, but it isn’t likely your shield will go down. With all your extra gun damage, paired with a good grenade like a hex or stormfront procing your shields up constantly and all the health vials feeding into your shields, you’re damn near God mode. Add in the skill to throw grenades in fight for your life in the rare instance you go down… no sweat.

Exactly my point. If your shield never goes down, there’s no reason to use the Re-Charger. You’d be better off with the Transformer or Frontloader.

Not to say it’s bad, it’s absolutely a top tier shield, but the effect is worthless if you equip the Deathless.

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I have a “Stabilizing Re-charger”. Aside from some minor stat RNG differences it looks the same. What is the diference between Stabilizing and Sentinel?

I think the sentinel is just stronger in its shielding. If there’s another difference I’m unsure.

You may be right, but my health power is already pitiful and it hasn’t been an issue for me yet. Although half the time I don’t need the instant recharge as all my other skills and equipment protect me from ever going down in the first place.

The prefix on shields usually denotes the bonus effects. The “Sentinel” prefix is for the “Delay” and “Turtle” parts. Check the white text underneath the stats.

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