Good Team Looking for Dedicated MIKO healer

ashadmoseley< 1m
Hey wassup. I have a team of about 2/3 (including myself) of consistently good players. I have a player who is insanely good at pushing and mapping and cornering with phoebe as well as caldarius. Also he is skilled at picking up other characters.

I main thorn and orendi. I am a great map controller, pusher, leader. I know how to make calls and admit mistakes. Im currently working on shane to add melee to my arsenal, as well as deande.

Let me tell you about us. We are team players, we are very vocal , we call out our map positions, our enemies, keep eachother posted etc. We play to wi.n. but were chilled mas chill, not asses about anything. Were looking for people who play a lot and are looking to be apart of a team.

We mostly need to also find a GOOD dedicated miko healer.

I mainly play between 11pm 2am EST time because i working during the day. But promy is def on more during the day. And im on all the time on my days off.

Add SetItAllonFire
ADD Promyvoin.

We’re mainly looking for all GOOD HEALERS who MAIN MIKO. WE have alani players BUT ALWAYS INTERESTED IN GOOD ALANI PLAYERS.

Im looking for the miko who choose heal over attack, who doesnt care about gettinf 10 kills but cared about keepinv the team alive and getting the win. Im looking for the miko who knows how to heal and seperate themselves from being trapped in middle of battles, the miko who watches his teams health bar more then they do. I need the miko who knows how to tell his pushers when to step back so he can do his job.

WE KNOW IT IS A HARD JOB TO HEAL. WE ARE NOT GONNA BE JERKS ABOUT DYING AT ALL. WERE JUST LOOKING FOR A GOOD MIKO PLAYER WHO PLAYS ALOT. So please. If you play miko and are looking for a semi-serious play to win cool team add


We play aLot, thank you for yall time.

Hey there!

PSN: McDoogleGME

I’m a daily player with a mic who has mained Miko and Ambra to rank 15 (Almost mastered both minus a few grind-like lore challenges) and plays each of the support characters regularly. I’m happy to play Miko occasionally although not all the time to slowly master each of the support characters of course but if that sounds like something you would like on your team just let me know or I’ll send you a friend request next time I’m online! Look forward to seeing you online.

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Psn: serrus_klaive

I am support. I have master of Miko, Reyna, kleese and Ambra. My Alani is rank 13 with most lore completed ( and I heal with her, not try to kill everything).

I main miko. If ever I’m on and not busy feel free to add me. I am calm, joke around, and understand the three rules of healing.

  1. Healer is most important, survive at all costs.
  2. Just because you can attack, doesn’t mean you should. Disrupt when possible, but keep the team alive first and foremost.
  3. Field awareness. Pay attention where everyone is so you can get to them quick if neccesary.

Hope to see you soon, and remember: I’m always ‘Right behind you’.

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Bump thread! Still looking for more great healers. Mag setitallonfire

Is being able to use a mic completely necessary? During that time of night (which is usually when i play) I can’t use a mic bc my ps4 is in my room and my wife is asleep and have you ever woke up a pregnant woman by bein to loud? Well its not a good experience lol anyway I’d love to jump in n play with a good team as long as the mic thing is not an issue