Good Tediores - state of the game?

Are the homing mirv ones still the be all end all by an absurdly huge margin?

Still kinda want the powerblast?! (shoot to explode for bonus damage - name might be off - been a while since i knew what the names correspond to) to be a thing but last time i tried them they were just incredibly weak especially when compared to the mirv ones.

Any changes here? Any great Tediores recently released that i might have missed that arent the gameplay equivalent to pre nerf hex spamming into the air while bunnyhopping like an idiot? :slight_smile:

The dlc 4 tediore P.A.T MK3 is actually pretty good. Shooting the gun is okay but the explosion from thrown seems to do huge damage . And if you miss the gun runs around shooting enemies. I’m liking it so far

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Thanks for pointing that one out, i did indeed miss it.
Unfortunately they still effectively made a gun that plays the game by itself if you miss.

Ohh well, i guess at least being on target is effective here.

Well there is another bonus… even if the gun is empty, when you throw it, it acts full. Probably why the throw is so damaging.

if you want the “shoot me” for 2x dmg and aoe tedior weapons you can try Anarchy from dlc 3, you actually gain stacks when you manually reload now

Is this a bug? Because if that works it is actually broken unless they ultranerfed the anarchy at the same time. :open_mouth:

There was a bug that made Moze lose anarchy stacks after using action skills, in the same hotfix where they fixed that bug they also made it so you also retain stacks on fast travel and entering FFYL, and at the same time you gain a stack when you reload, regardless of whether it’s automatic reload or not

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that is actually amazing - thanks!