Good tip for the end of story missions

I’m sure most of you probably do this already but for anyone that doesn’t know, it’s a great idea to spend all your extra shards on buildables and drones. This can help a ton I’m getting the challenges done

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Agreed. I remember how difficult The Saboteur seemed early on. Once I got a shard gen though, buildables for days, and that made a huge difference.

How about composition, overall, and any specfic maps folks? For myself I tend to use thumper turrets, temporal traps, and repair drones (sometimes temporal drones).

I’m the same way, almost always go thumper turret, sometimes I drop inferno traps though when there are gonna be a lot of thralls

Honest question: does spending extra shards on drones (when the mission is effectively over, like at the end of the Renegade) help in points?

I don’t know if it helps toward your overall point total at the end, but does go toward challenges. I don’t see why it wouldn’t add to the score though since it’s tracked.