Good tips on when to use Dropkick?

As you may (or may not) know, Mellka, Deande and El Dragón can dropkick if they use their quick-melee while sprinting.
But even after playing this game a long time, I must say that I still do not know when it is best to use a dropkick.

Deande’s dropkick can apparently be performed mid-air and you can move yourself vertically, so I can see how that can be useful as a second jump.
Mellka however cannot use hers mid-air, I do believe the same applies to El Dragón.
Heck, El Dragón even gets upgrades for his dropkick at level 8, but I still found it hard to fit in amongst his others combat abilities.

So, how and when do you ladies and gentlemen use the dropkick? In combat? As movement only? I am interested to hear!

Sincerely, Penk

Attikus also has a special, sort of a lunge swipe with his metal arm. In his case it’s useful as a gap closer - it propels him just enough to catch fleeing or back peddling enemies. When I play El Dragon I don’t use it either, his doesn’t seem to be necessary because he is fast enough without. I suppose you could try it as a closer just to see?

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I use el dragons sometimes on players that are low on health…nothing to do with tactics I just like to know the last thing they seen was a giant luchador drop kicking them to death lol I can’t get very many kills with it though(not for lack of trying)

ive killed someone with drop kick before it was pretty funny but he was low on hp and not paying attention, but mostly i use it with the debuff in Pve

As tidalspiral said, Attikus’ running melee is probably the only useful one, since it acts as a ‘mini-pounce’ to catch people who think they can run.

Personally, for El Dragon, I never found the Dropkick useful and just started using the Bicycle Kick as soon as I could, because that thing is hilarious and hits multiple times (with okay damage), especially since you can steer your imaginary air-bicycle (also seems decent while slowed). XD

I’ve used Mellka’s dropkick to get away from a Rath’s dreadwind once, didn’t push the button on purpose but it saved me.

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Melka moves faster when using hers than regular sprinting. If she has a speed boost, however, it slows her down. So if you’re trying to escape, use it. If you’re rushing, use it. I use it on ledges, too. More horizontal distance traveled than walking off like a lemming :slight_smile:

The thing with Deande’s drop kick is that it’s bloody awsome. You can you it to get back in your spawn on capture. You can use it to jump up on ledges that others can’t while fleeing. You can use it to beat your friends to loot. And you can use it to really stump people as to what the heck just happend.