Good Touch/Bad Touch clarification

So the Wikia is a little unclear about this, so I feel like I’ll just ask. True or false will suffice for answers.

  1. I can get the Good Touch as many times as I like, as long as I keep tipping Moxxi.
  2. I can only get the Bad Touch AFTER the Good Touch.
  3. I can only get the Bad Touch once per level.

Once per playthrough you can get a Bad Touch, after that you can get Good Touches. Reseting UVHM will allow you to get a new bad touch.

I can’t remember which is Good and Bad.

But you can only get the corrosive one once per character (unless you do splitscreen shenanigans). And you can get the Fire one infinete times.

EDIT: Cowthulu46 explains it better. But I’m pretty sure if you get Bad Touch in normal mode, if you tip again in TVHM you’ll get a Good Touch.

Never tested resetting UVHM

  1. Yes.
  2. No. You get the Bad Touch first, then the Good Touch.
  3. You can only get one Bad Touch per character, not per level.

The Bad Touch is always corrosive and will be the level of Sanctuary (what’s in the vending machines). The Good Touch is always fire and is leveled like the BT.


Nope, once per character

Ok, there’s still conflicting information here. Can anyone definitively tell me which of these is true?

  1. You can get one Bad Touch per character.
  2. You can get three Bad Touch’s per character (once each from: regular, TVHM, UVHM).
  3. You can get as many Bad Touch’s as you want provided you reset UVHM repeatedly.
  1. Yes.
  2. No.
  3. No.

Ive heard people say that the good touch is a god touch for the siren. Even tops the hellfire. Is this true?

The Good Touch will heal you for any damage done while the Hellfire won’t. So in that sense, it’s much better. I’d have to look at the stats of both to see which is actually better, but healing is rarely a bad thing.

Good Touch is one of the best SMG’s. Good base damage, healing. Roughly the same as Hellfire. The 70% crit bonus leaves the Hellfire behind. Another great SMG would be the Bitch. It has a bit higher gun damage, but a lot less elemental damage. The accuracy on it makes it a contender.

Maya makes best use of it because of the Cat COM’s, but I suppose Krieg can make really good use of it too.

I like the Hell fire more on May because you get healing with Life Tap anyways

eh. good touch dont need a kill skill, and in Op levels the damage is so high and your health is so low, almost any damage at all will heal you almost to full with any moxi gun

One must not forget the 50% splash of the HellFire, which makes it way more potent than the card shows !

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