Good vanilla game leveling MOD?

I just hit 50 on Zane and I can’t say I have a great grasp of how all Zane’s skills and gear works together. I haven’t needed to worry about it much tbh. I been just using an infiltrator or executor MOD for the most part. I’m saving DLC content for max level so I don’t have access to DLC specific MODs yet so with that being said what is a good MOD to use? I’m currently capstoned on red tree and working down the blue tree but not opposed to a respec if there is a better MOD that works with another layout.

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executor is the next best thing.

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Nice. That’s sort of what I assumed just looking at them. Is Techspert as bad as it looks or is there something more to it that I don’t understand?

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Good Misfortune can do that for you.

Cold warrior is also okay if you are running CCC.
Infiltrator i used for face puncher zane, good also for nova builds. haven’t tried the shockerator now after the buffs, it has lot of potential though.

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Good to know. Also, after doing some spring cleaning of all my mules to get rid of old level 50 gear I found these:

I knew being a pack rat would pay off one day! I guess I don’t have to wait for 60 after all.


Just finished DLC2 and killed Jackpot on my Zane. I have done this on my other VH but I don’t remember…is it normal to get 3 Seein’ Dead Mods from a single kill? Seems like I did hit the Jackpot but maybe this is normal.

Not sure what is considered a god roll but this seems pretty good even if gun damage is additive:

Also got these…
They also seem pretty good but I don’t know Zane that well so maybe there are better rolls to get…

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