Goodbye and farewell

Played every BL game to death so far.

Watched ending where Lilith dies.

Returning unopened super deluxe edition to Amazon for refund.

also cancelling order for Lilith action figure.

Will never play another BL game EVER.

WTG guys. Lost a hardcore customer .

Just had to kill off Lilith?

I’m taking my $100 back and you can all suck it.




Why do you care so much more if it isn’t any of the other major characters that are being killed? Well, you probably just wanted a reason to not play and that’s yours.

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The ending was pretty bad, but I wouldnt return the game just because your favorite character died… and it was never really confirmed she was dead.

She may come back :slight_smile:

Hope you change your mind and keep the game!

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Your first post was a rant about you quiting because a character that hasn’t been playable in 7 years passed on.

I think that’s a bit childish.

We honestly don’t know if she is dead. Could be could be not. I mean honestly, she had time to tattoo the moon while moving it back. Why waste the power?

I’m thinking there is going to be a borderlands 3: the search for Lilith dlc.

Next, they’ve been foreshadowing her death since they started their advertising blitz.