Goodbye Battleborn you were fun 30% of the time

After playing the game for a few weeks in the competitive mode I found out a few things.

  1. This game is entirely team based and objective focused (DUH! it’s a MOBBBBAA)

  2. If you have no friends who bought the game you will be very frustrated.

  3. If you’re a not willing to go out of your way to add decent players to your friend list, you will be frustrated most of the time. ( almost every game is lopsided either way)

  4. The matchmaking is horrible and makes zero sense. (new players loaded on to one group with vets on the other)

  5. Games are fun and competitive about 30% of the time, the other 70% are a total wash for one side.

  6. Instead of fixing things and communicating Gearbox seems content to just add micro transactions.

  7. You will have to get used to this screen a lot if you are mostly a solo player who likes to keep to himself.

I guess this can be said for almost all MOBA’s but most I’ve seen have better matchmaking than this trash. You were fun Battleborn 30% of the time!!! So I guess I will miss you when I think of you but only 30% of the time!!! BYE!


Even playing solo I have yet to see that much of a blow out. If you don’t have friends who bought it and refuse to add good players you have played with, it probably will suck with you. I play most of my games with 1 other person (well, one of a couple others, but we’re generally in groups of 2, sometimes 3). If you can duo as 2 strong players, you will never see a 39-500 score line. That’s just finding 1 other person! yeah you might lose, but losing 300-500 isn’t really a big deal. That’s far from a blow out. I’ve had games that were super close the entire game, and one team finally got the advantage.

Maybe I’m biased, I haven’t experienced these super imbalanced games that people seem to talk about. Sure I’ve had games where 3 of my teammates finish 2-10+, with another teammate finishing positive, but even those games are usually close.

I tried playing League (on the topic of MOBA’s) and games in normal or even silver were also blow outs - arguably on par or more often than this. No, I didn’t get passed silver (the toxicity of that game is a whole different can of worms) but it’s a strategy game, teams will be unbalanced. It just is how it is. Some players are better than others.


Like I said you were willing to find 2 other people to group with in order to make matches competitive. Isn’t that what matchmaking is suppose to do? Try to make teams as balanced as possible for competitive games?

There needs to be a solo que that prioritizes the fact the player is playing without a party. There is zero chance in hell that this game does that. So what exactly does “matchmaking” do in this game?

My guess is…it just smashes the quickest pool of 10 players it can find together…let it be a team of 5 ina group or 5 total randoms… and it’s because the player base is too small probably to allow proper matchmaking to take place…because then their will be more bitching about longer que times,.


And for the record I played 12 games of Meltdown yesterday, out of those 12…10 …a total of 10 were extremely lopsided with either early surrenders do to large early leads OR total domination to the 500 score limit.

Sometimes I was on the winning side (3) , others the losing side (9).

I don’t care if I lose, what I care about is if the match was competitive. So out of 12 matches 2 were close competitive games. That’s a 20% average to have a close game as a solo player. That’s frustrating indeed.

I understand MOBA-esque/objective game types require communication and teamwork to be successful, but the matchmaking is abysmal if it does not take the players skill and stats into effect or that the’re in a group at all, which it does not seem to.


I will probably never understand these “goodbye” threads…


@slafleur2006 Obviously the issue is player base, especially on PC from what I hear. I play on xbox and I don’t play against the same people more than maybe twice, and I’m guessing even then is because we’re queuing at identical times after we played.

If that’s your average, well, I don’t know what to tell you. Out of my last 12 solo meltdown games, I’m 7-5 by the looks of it. Well more than half of those have been close. Sure I play characters that can carry a lane by themselves for the most part, and have gotten adept at doing it, but it doesn’t make the games any worse. Yeah, full 5 man teams have an advantage, but put your mic on and talk. At least one other person jumps on theirs a good portion of the time, and sometimes you’ll have the whole team talking. They don’t have an advantage any more. If you want to just play and not communicate (which if you refuse to find people in game to continue playing with, that’s not the games fault. Sorry for the truth) then you’re going to be at a disadvantage every time. The team chat option is there for a reason.

@ThatJohnS I have no idea man, it’d be one thing if it was a prominent community member, but otherwise I don’t get it either.

@insaniacTV nice dig at the “prominent community member”, like there really is much of one surrounding this game.

Don’t get me wrong I love the characters, humor and gameplay. But the matchmaking is some of the worse I’ve ever seen…in any game…ever. Gearbox needs to work a lot in this aspect if they ever plan on making other competitive games in the future.

Not everyone will have friends that will pick up the same game, and some play casually. But the way this game matches its games makes impossible to just jump in and play as a solo player who might not like to jump on the mic with randoms, especially when most of the time it’d have to be to correct them or lead them because they’re doing stupid things.

That’s why successful MOBAS try to add solo queues that prioritize the fact that the player is a solo player and not in a group of communicating friends; with a huge advantage. They also add more options than just a ping which most seem to ignore.

I know you love the game…and it really is great when things align and there is a match with similar skill levels, letting the lead go back and forth til the end. But from my experience as a solo player this kind of thing happens 20% of the time and that’s just not often enough.

For a “prominent community member” that’s willing to try and find people to play with it’s a different story, maybe you band together with some people and 75% of your games are competitive. But for us casuals who don’t have the time nor the energy to form relationships around a single game; the match making leaves us stranded.

Which in the long run will leave this community even smaller than it is now you’ll see.

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I do apologize, it fully was intended as a dig and has no relevance what so ever to the conversation that we were having. This is the umpteenth post saying “omg I’m quitting here are complaints but no ideas to add to fixing it”, and they do get quite old. The match making does leave something to be desired, I agree. But it got changed to where it is because of the queue length (this was a PC issue from what I’ve read, I play on xbox and queue times were never a problem for me).

I’ve always been pretty extroverted, so it doesn’t take energy for me to start forming relationships through a game with people, I do forget not everyone is the same in that regard. I also wasn’t claiming by any stretch that I am anywhere near to being a prominent community member either, I don’t think anybody would care if I quit tomorrow and posted about it pointing out flaws. Just pointing out flaws isn’t constructive to anything.

I would feel bad right now for someone starting out at low level, I JUST played a game where our team had a 3 and a 7 and their team was all 70+ (3 100’s, we had 2 100’s). We did end up winning, so they were probably less frustrated but they still get targetted and chased down because it’s hard to learn proper ways of escaping. I honestly was going somewhere else with this too, but I’m tired and I forget what the other point I was going to make was.

Gearbox did allude to matchmaking changes coming in the battleplan, hopefully you’ll come check it out again when those go live. I don’t think they’re stupid by any means, I think they’re working with what they have to get everything the community has issue with fixed. I briefly talked to a GBX dev in my stream one night, and I was left feeling hopeful for the future of the game, and this was after all the sky is falling posts were made.

I’m sorry if I did offend you, I was wrong to throw that in there as I did. I do apologize for that.

What platform are you on? Its not so hard to find nice people here on the forums and to make new friends, even if those can´t sit on a couch with you :slight_smile:
I hesitated ALOT to get in random teams, but in every mission or match I find new friends I add or which add me to their friendlists for future battles in the Solus System.
Don´t be afraid to play with dudes you don´t know, some of them could be future BFFs^^

I main PvE since PvP makes me a bit anxious, but I can understand your frustration. All I can say is that my only 4 PvP-matches were in a premade group of people I met here - we lost big time but it was somehow awesome and fun.

Oh, for your 6th point I can just link this glorious topic full of info and whhat exactly the Devs did so far:

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Its a large team based game focusing on team work and how well you jive with team mates. In your own words from statement 1 “DUH! it’s a MOBBBBAA”

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@slafleur2006, Thank you for this valued information. You are expressing why you are frustrated. I know many others who do not value this information but there are those who do. You are a customer who is either near to leaving the game or have just recently chosen to leave. Please, tell us more about your experience.

This is neither sarcasm or ridicule. I really want to know. Retaining you is important to us (community) and GBX. Not that I speak for GBX or the community.


Seriously does no one read or pay attention to the Battle plans?

I mean for real.

Whole lot of communicating not going on in those.

Oh well sorry you feel that making friends while playing the game is not worth your time investment.


Hell, you don’t even have to make friends! Just be a good team player and people will invite you back :slight_smile:


or just after 0:10 they will leave your game.

I’m kinda confused at this.

You quitting a team based game because you have to work as a team?

That’s like saying “goodbye Pizza Hut, you guys serve pizza and unless I buy pizza I won’t get pizza”

I get the sense many players are either unwilling or unable to constructively interact with teammates in random matchmaking games.

Now I want to stress very strongly I don’t mean harassment or verbal abuse or anything like that - in the 88 hours I’ve played in the release version I’ve never encountered anyone doing such a thing (in the beta there was one kind of drunk guy, but he was really just sort of goofy.)

There just seems to be a large pool of players who seem to basically just solo-play these multiplayer team-based game modes, with no indication of what they want or if they’d like something different to happen or if they have a problem. And that means a lot of games - or at least many of the games I’ve been in - tend to be train-wrecks.

Surrender votes get called - sometimes seemingly at random with no explanation.

Players don’t seem to understand the concept of voting - as in people may not vote for what you want - and instead of dealing, they bail because their preferred map wasn’t chosen or the team didn’t surrender.

Players just bail. Sometimes because things are going badly. Sometimes it’s more mysterious - like the match isn’t unfolding according to their vision, or technical issues, or they saw a squirrel - it’s not as if they generally bother to indicate why.

I do have one advantage in that I don’t really care that much about winning or losing (one team will, one won’t, for both options) - what appeals most to me is the move-counter-move aspect of these sorts of games, but I’ve been in a lot of games that have been pretty wretched for no better reason than the people involved didn’t particularly even try to cooperate or indicate what they wanted if what they wanted wasn’t happening at the moment.

I’ve also had quite a few very good games, so it’s certainly not all bad, but I wouldn’t care to bet that I’ve had more good capture/incursion/meltdown games than I’ve had disappointing ones.

I assume a lot of this will shake out over time - but for the time being it can be fairly irritating.

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I am a solo player and most of the time yes they are lopsided. I guess I just really like the game and mobas in general. Once I get on a team that is good I try to stay with them as much as possible. Once one person leaves kinda a bummer. Anyway I just have fun either way, fun game.

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If they aren’t against the code of conduct, they should be. I keep meaning to go check.

It depends on the content.


That I agree with. Even if you do not mind playing with level 3 newbies as a level 100 veteran, you cannot state matchmaking is good at all. With matchmaking being one of the most important things for a game like Battleborn, I find it typical so little good improvements are made. Yet, a lot of cosmetic changes and new content is being introduced. That Gearbox ranks these cosmetic changes above the matchmaking issues, makes me doubt how important they find matchmaking. Bear in mind these issues are more than a month old! I quitted this game for two weeks myself. Now matchmaking at least is faster, I have start playing again. I am not conviced this will be the game I will be playing for the next months though. Matchmaking balancing and to light penalties for leavers make 70-80% of the matches boring.

I understand people stating you should find some friends to play with. Do understand a lot of players like to play teambased games as an individual. They are not willing to form parties with people they don’t know. If Battleborn is no fun for these gamers (which is not a complaint), it means a big part of the players will quit playing within a few weeks.

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