Goodbye Borderlands3

After many hours of building my character around the weapons and gear available you have nerfed the game to the point that is not worth the large amount of money I spent. Will be returning it tomorrow to get what refund I can. Disappointed and disillusioned with the constant nerfing and not fixing real bugs and issues with the game. Do not want to play offline just to avoid unnecessary patches that were making the game fun for me to play so once again GOODBYE BORDERLANDS.


Flakker nerf is so extreme lol , damage was too high okay , but 1 ammo mag size , COME ON


I personally don’t have one and never used it but they said it works exactly the same but it just only uses one ammo at a time instead of 5, the effect should be no different just slower.

with 5 ammo we could get a 2nd shot with less damage with magsize % increase but with one ammo 80% mag size is zero bonus

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Mate it’s not only that it seams every bit of gear I worked hard to get was nreft . I have just had enough and will move on missing out on all the DLC wont be good but better than playing of line.


Then you are just one of those that jumps on the bandwagon of OP this and OP that.

They nerf things that too many people are using and buff the ones that noone is using. Make your own builds better than just some pointless OP gear.


An OP build is the goal of endgame, what’s the point of trying to become powerful just to be nerfed? I don’t want to keep juggling builds every week.
It ruins the farm and grind, and I don’t want to farm anything because if it’s decent they’ll nerf it to the ground in a week or two.


So find an OP build that works for you that isn’t what everyone else is using. I use mostly Blue and Purple quality weapons and gear over Legendaries and not one of my items has ever been nerfed yet.

Yes I guess I am and being 73 years old and still playing video games I need all the OP stuff I can get to be able to play the damn game as it was when I first put it in my xbox then let ME decide to keep or discard. I honestly believe the developers have turned my BMW into a Ford. Throw all the rocks at me you wish but it is too much too often. Cheers.


Kinda agree with you. I never really followed the meta builds I just use what I like and what I like often isnt the best. I prefer to play at my own pace and farm what I like, typically Jakobs guns.

I got a hex grenade at lvl 37 and it was so OP it carried me to lvl 50 no problem. Some of these items in game are straight broken and suck all the fun out of “fighting” bosses.

Not to mention the game is just barely month a old. People who spent 100’s of hours grinding for OP gear off youtube and using busted build should have seen this coming. Use what you like and have fun the game its barely over 30 days old they are fixing bugs and when they fix bugs they are gonna rework items, just the nature of the game. Bosses like Graveward are not supposed to be one-shot killable. Might be great for farming loot, but the truth is that just bad game design if a boss can be killed that way.

Imagine how fun Raid bosses will be when the 3 people are gearing up for a fight and the 4th guy just uses a Sploder/Crit Glitch to one shot it. Great content right?


Well mate differences of opinion is what makes the world go round. I will ask my EB store what trade in I will get on Gears of war 5 to play with my son online and get Outer Worlds later this month where I can still use my single remaining brain cell at my own pace and at my own time making my own decisions. Cheers.


“Yet” is the operative word there.

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Over 7+ years playing the Borderland series and not once have I been interested in the grind, having everything, being OP anything. Borderlands has always been about the story, dlcs, seasonal events, co-op and laughs. There is no right way to enjoy BL. But … if we can’t appreciate all that goes into the BL game play besides patches, nerfs and complaining about w/e upsets us here and now, the point of enjoying the mayhem certainly is lost. Me, I’ll just keep shooting s**t in the face and having a blast doing it!!!


Nerfs in games are generally done by developers in response to realizing something is working far better than it should be or feedback from people in the game’s community. So if you are unhappy with all the nerfs thank your fellow gamers for at least some of them.

In regards to the flakker I feel like it should have been 1 or the other of the 2 things they did. Not both. My reasoning being that yes. In raw damage it was outperforming most if not all other shotguns in raw damage potential. However because of how it worked there was an effective deadzone in extremely close range and its max range literally cut off at a distance unlike other shotguns with normal rounds. It was also one you could potentially damage yourself with in circumstances without bullet reflect mayhem mod being active.

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Goodbye Pogo. It feels like I hardly know ya…

You’ll be…missed?


Outer Worlds does look great!

Descendent from a long line of amazing game like Baldurs Gate, KoToR and OG Fallout. Should be good.

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I hope I’m still playing video games and enjoying them when I’m 73.

But I’m with you, for the most part. I don’t play loot games for perfect balance or challenge. I play loot games to become powerful via farming, build up high powered builds, and then wreck face. Sometimes I want a challenge to test against, but loot games like Borderlands, Diablo, or Warframe - they’re games I play to zone out, pull the lever of loot, collect some stuff and watch myself get powerful with it. I don’t play them for intense, MLG hyper skilled experiences.

And I certainly don’t play Borderlands because I want a balanced experience. I want over the top, I want to feel like a god of guns, I want EXPLOSIONS?! GB’s current policy seems to be to kill that.

The real problem, as evidenced by all the hot fixes, is that Gearbox doesn’t actually seem to know how to balance their game. They seem to just be look at data, seeing what people are using, and then nerfing things people like. This is not a way to endear yourself to your playerbase, especially when a lot of them, especially on the casual end, just want a power fantasy killing threatening looking pinatas.

Am I saying there should be no challenge? Not at all. When I’m feeling up for it, I’d love to have something harder to sink my teeth into. But that’s not what GB is doing. They’re just smashing down every single nail that stands out, specifically going after weapons and builds people are enjoying, making the game harder and less fun for non-hardcore players, and killing build diversity by destroying existing builds without fixing all the bugs and skill tree inbalances at the core of the issue why nobody uses other builds.

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I think I may have been misunderstood a little. Not about using the Borderlands 3 disc as a coffee cup coaster, that is finished for me. It is quite obvious to me the developers are dumbing everything down to the lowest common denominator and not concentrating on fixing core problem ( stability, character balance and connection issues) with xbox one x. It would have been so, so easy for them to have 3 difficulty levels of play, easy, normal and hard. That way a larger demographic of players would be able to enjoy the game. Cheers.

sorry but the weapons they have buffed are still useless…

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The Faisor and Devil’s Foursum were already good, especially the latter, they didn’t need buffs at all. The CC performs well now too.

I don’t think you’ve used most of the buffed weapons, if any at all.

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