Goodbye Cladarius, Hello Whiskey

(schwy85) #1

So after trying to “master” Caldarius (not just in levels and lore but actual proficiency) for the past year or more, I have given up. I don’t know why but I simply do not have it in me to be someone teammates can rely on when I play him.

In the wake of this tragic defeat, I needed to fill a void. A void that could only be filled with a character that you see once in a while but never really pick up on. ENTER WHISKEY

After playing him for one match, I was hooked. The next 5 or 6 matches I was top Damage Dealer and Least Damage Taken. I was destroying Minions, securing player kills, and SHREDDING sentries.

Have all the Whiskey mains just been keeping him hidden? Because I wish I would have discovered this a year ago!!!

(30% more flak) #2

Welcome to the rogue clone team, it is the best team.

(Deandes in crime ) #3

Yea I guess. If ur not Deande

(schwy85) #4

Deande is great and all, but that “Tea Party” taunt…that’s hard to beat.

(Easplund) #5

Whiskey is awesome, but he is not easy to play. He does not have a good escape, so position and awareness are very important for him. Once he gets killer regen, though, he is pretty hard to kill.

(schwy85) #7

Yep, this was lesson #1 that I learned and I learned it quite a few times in those first couple games. I may have had most kills and most damage dealt but I also had close to most deaths every time.

Question for Whiskey mains. If you had to choose, Attack speed or Reload speed?
I am going with Rare Recoil (Recoil after reloading), Free Reload, and Free Shard right now. I start with 2/3 gear, get the third about 1 minute in, and build like crazy after that to level up and get his perks asap.

Would it be worth it to substitute Attack Speed for Reload?

(Easplund) #8

Whiskey’s special legendary item is one of the best in the game. It gives reload speed, recoil reduction, and then attack speed and more reload speed. Until you get that, I would go with reload speed. Attack speed just makes you have to reload sooner, and the reload is what takes the most time. I use a free sprint speed item, a purple attack damage + health, and his special legendary reload speed.

(schwy85) #9

Yeah, I’m pretty excited to complete the lore and reach lvl 15 so I can get his legendary going. Seems like a game changer.

Good point on the reload. No reason to empty the clip faster if you’re just going to take forever to reload again.

Why free sprint speed? Why not a free shard to help with building, getting gear, and leveling up?

(30% more flak) #10

That is actually what I’d recommend :slight_smile:

I run Whiskey with a free rogue shard gen, green eldrid reload and epic eldrid fist. I build Whiskey for maximum reload with helices, nowadays I only take Killer Regen if I don’t have a healer.

(schwy85) #11

I keep flip flopping between a free reload speed and the green Eldrid reload speed. I always wonder how much the health regen under 50% helps. I’m also really enjoying only having to purchase one piece of gear.

Ahhhhhh, the elusive Epic Eldrid fist. Things I will probably never obtain. Over a year later and I am no closer to getting that than on day 1.

(Easplund) #12

So I can run away faster! I can’t tell you how many times that has saved my purple ass!

I used to use the shard generator, but since the last update, his legendary item has gotten much cheaper. I typically have all of my gear active by level 3, sometimes even sooner. Also, since the last update, it seems that building things gives less experience, so much so that it doesn’t seem worthwhile. Killing bots levels me up much faster.

(Easplund) #13

Free is better than any green thing.

(schwy85) #14

Hmmmmmmmm, these are valid points AND would provide some type of minor escape plan

(Easplund) #15

Pendles used to kill me all the time. Ever since I switched to the free sprint speed, I just stab him in the face and run away. I don’t think that he has killed me once since I started using that. As a matter of fact, I hardly ever die with Whiskey anymore, especially after Killer Regen gets going.

(schwy85) #16

I just played a match with him and I had the sprint speed and it worked great. like you said, stab and run

(The First, and the Last.) #17

I see someone’s discovered the Best Battleborn.

Welcome to the club.

(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #18

You mean Toby?

(The First, and the Last.) #19

He’s second place at best.

I will fight you on that lol

(schwy85) #20

For real. I didn’t think it was possible for me to find someone I like as much as Orendi. SO MUCH DAMAGE AND VERSATILITY!

(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #21

I’m kidding, whiskey is one of my “jack of all trades” battleborn. DEFINITELY a powerful character in the right hands