Goofiest boss fight

Plenty of boos fights in BL3.
Some are, uh, goofier than others.

My award for the goofiest boss fight is Katagawa. Not Katagawa Ball, I think that’s a challenging and fun fight.
I mean Katagawa himself in his Zer0 suit. Every time I go through that I think What the heck is going on?
Not a hard fight, I rarely even pick up much damage, but I’m never quite sure what’s going on. It feels reminiscent of the Jack fight in the vault of the Warrior in BL2, with multiple Katagawas, but more goofy cuz, well, I’m not really sure what’s going on.
Kill the turrets to hurt him? I guess. Hitting any Katagawa takes the master Katagawa down? I guess. At seemingly random points he’l close on you and you shoot him in the face, I guess. Jump up on the ledges to heal and get shield back with almost no risk? Sure I guess.
Just a kinda goofy fight to me.
Your nomination?

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For me it was the warden, my Fl4k had pretty poor gear going to solo it and my torgue shotgun was the only fire weapon I felt the need to use at the level. First time around I died cause of punches - so I swapped to sticky projectiles and kept my distance… Only to see him level up. And then level up again. And then level up again. I think he did it 5 times while I ran around trying to stay out of arms reach getting my murder on. Wasn’t hard just took a long time and seemed a bit over the top.

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I agree with OP. Katagawa fight has never made any sense to me. He only ever seems to take health damage from shooting those generator things and the amount of that damage is wildly inconsistent. I also find it boring - the player just stands around waiting, shoots a generator, hope it deals good damage, rinse and repeat.

I think it’s the most poorly structured fight in the game.

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Katagawa Jr. spawns decoys around the arena. You have to find the right one that takes damage. The decoys will not take damage so are to be ignored. The difficulty is the real one is only vulnerable for a short time after you shoot him and will respawn the decoys right after.

Except for when he doesn’t respawn the decoys and has insane damage reduction so you just have to wait for him to stop hopping around and spawn them again. That’s the weird part

The Agonizer 9000. The entire floor is always on fire especially when it isn’t. There are always walls keeping you from running away even when there aren’t. The magical spiked ceiling can’t be dodged. I spend most of that fight in FFYL watching the bloody boss kill its own adds on a good day. Goofiest and godawfulest.

Katagawa is pretty ? too, though. Ironically, he’s the boss I most like to use Atlas weapons on…


Jump into the spiked ceiling. It won’t hurt you that way.

Literally don’t understand why.

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Alternatively, if you use a shock weapon the decoys have no health. Get rid of the shield in the same amount of time that it takes to find out it’s a decoy and there’s one less targeting you… Cause you still take damage from the ones you ignore. Just be ready to swap to fire because when you get rid of the real shield your window of opportunity isn’t long unless you can crit and make him stumble.

I just keep shooting everything. You know you’re hitting the right one when the big HP bar on top of the screen decreases. That doesn’t happen when shooting decoys as they have their own HP bar.

For me it was Tyreen, The whole thing doesn’t make any sense to me, also it was not challenging or interesting in any way, some bosses have somewhat annoying gimmicks like warden or have different phases, this one is just shoot it until she neel (or whatever that is) and shoot her crit. Almost fell asleep during the fight. I like the Agoniser boss the most I think, nice variety of mechanics and crit spots, I cheesed him with Splash radiation nade the first time around in less than 30 seconds, the second time was better on M3… :smiley: