Google Stadia Savegame

Hello, I am writing this text with a translator. Please forgive me :wink:

Are the savegames bound to the account, so that I can use Google Stadia in the hotel and the PC at home?


If previous games are any guide, save games will indeed be tied to a platform ID. I don’t know enough about the details of how Stadia works to know if you can access the same save files on PC - you may want to as their support folks about that.

Didn’t they announce at Gamescom that there would be cross-save? …maybe I’m remembering that for a different game. I really hope they allow cross-save because that would be amazing for those of use that travel and don’t want to take our consoles with us. Although, if Project xCloud winds up being awesome, maybe it won’t matter much for those of us who play on Xbox.

Not sure. There’s a bit of confusion between cross-save and cross-play in some of the threads here. I do note that BL3 is not in the list of upcoming MS “Play anywhere” titles, so I don’t think it’s going to be a launch feature. That doesn’t rule out changes down the road, but Gearbox generally doesn’t announce stuff like that until they’re absolutely sure it’s happening (and are close to launch).

You have to buy the game for both PC and Stadia. They are different platforms and will require a licence for both. Borderlands 3 is confirmed for launch with Stadia.

As for cross-save, nothing on the internet right now. Some Microsoft sources were talking about cross-platform, but as that hasn’t been mentioned yet by GBX, assume it ‘may’ come if all parties sort it out. From my point of view, it would be best for them to launch, then work on the game…then bring in cross play if they can.

Randy tweeted about working with partners for cross-play, but “not at launch”.