Google translator

Now I’m sure GBX is using google translator to translate their game into german

So here is a german classmod
GBX translated weapon charging speed into Atlas loading speed . WTF?? Which idiot was that?
Same for the iron bear grenade annoit GBX translated spawn a grenade into get a grenade. Just one word but a huge difference.
You suck more and more GBX…


I dunno about the anoint but weapon charging speed ending up as Atlas Loading speed isn’t the kind of error you would get from a wrong translation, certainly not from google translate (though I know that some translation platforms do display suggestions if a simular thing had already been translated, so maybe someone didn’t look properly and just filled that in).

I don’t exactly know what platform they are using for their translation but to me it looks like someone accidentially translated the wrong line or alternatively, the translation was actually right and something got scrambled when the translation was applied to the game.

I will however give you that the quality of the german translation seems to have gotten worse, particularily with stuff that has been added post launch and not as part of a DLC (with the DLC translations usually being a lot better). I’m wondering if the translators maybe are given a very tight deadline for the Free Content and are having to rush, resulting oversights and worse translation quality overall.