Gore On/Off option is all fine and dandy, but can we have some more specific options? Disable "Pulverisation" and enable "Ice Sculpture Appreciation"

I like to blow up my enemies in huge explosions. Who doesen’t? But what I also like is to see battlefields littered with corposes. Sadly, when a weapon is too powerful (like Anarchy, OPQ or Kaoson) it often leaves behind nothing but a puiddle of blood and nondescript meat chunks (that disappear in seconds).

What I’d really like to see is an option to toggle “Excessive Gibbing” (or “pulverisation”) that occures when damage greately exceeds what the target has left. Toggling it off should disable such behaviour and instead of aforementioned puddle and chunks leave behind mostly intact corpse with few chunks missing instead.

Another great option would be “Ice Destructability Delay” that would make ice statues of dead enemies be transparent to projectiles/damage for 1-3 seconds after forming, so they aren’t immediately shattered by the same gun that made them, while leaving no impact on combat.
As of now, any bullet hitting ice statue will pass throgh it and like ly shatter it, very often coming from the same burst that killed the enemy, so the statuer doesen’t get to stay. The option to delay that would still make bullet pass through, but without shattering, allowing greater time to appreciate the ice sculptures.

Like gore option, both are purely cosmetical, and I (and I bet many others) would enjoy them immensely.


Been saying this for years. I miss BL1-style dismemberment