Gore reviews (video series)

Hey guys, bringing back the topic from the previous forum. For anyone unfamiliar this is a video series analyzing gore effects in video games that are considered gory.

All of the reviews can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE8BZenM9K-AH6yrlnnWkhXmvhlQCsMIj

Some of the recent vids:
Dead Island:

Soldier of Fortune 2:

Red Orchestra 2\Rising Storm:

I’ll keep updating the topic as the new vids are made

Postal 2:

That is all.

Moving this into Games and Tech.

Damn, didn’t know melee weapons do that in Fallout

Theres a perk called Bloody Mess, hence the video called that, it makes everything more gory.

Fallout 1 and 2 are much gorier in my opinion. Example: In 3 and NV, Plasma Rifles melt enemies into a pile of green goo; in 1 and 2, it slowly melts their flesh and organs into a pool of blood, and then their skeleton collapses into a pile on top of the blood.

Or taking a Bozar to a child and watching their head and arms get torn off by the storm of bullets, before collapsing like a hunk of meat.

Or, for unarmed players, doing a flying kick and making their chest explode. <- This one is always fun

I played Fallout NV, just never knew that perk applied to melee weapons too. Looks pretty fun

Damn that sounds awesome, I hope they will amp up the gore in Fallout 4, whenever that comes out…

BTW, is there a way to multiquote in the new forum?

You can multi quote by marking some text and pressing a little bubble saying Quote Replay

They won’t. Fallout 1 was made by Interplay, and 2 was made by Black Isle Studios, who was owned by Interplay. 3 was made by Bethesda, and NV was made by Obsidian under license from Bethesda. And Fallout 1 and 2 were made in a much less politically correct time, hence why children are kill-able.

I don’t really care much about killing children or not, I just want the gore to be amped up on the next title.

Id prefer them to keep it at the same gore level as 3/NV, I dont mind gore but some people will be turned of by too mutch gore, and let modders add more gore.

Gore mods are mostly based on existing features and just make those prettier & do some tweaks. What could be the best compromise is to have an option to disable gore for anyone interested. They had it in SoF2, and that’s one of the goriest games ever…

Gore review #7 is up - Postal 2 - a gory classic

Gore review #8 is up - this one if for Counter Strike Sharks aka Depth

I was waiting to do this one for quite some time… The gore review for Killing Floor 2 is out!

The gore review for The Darkness 2 is up. Next one will probably be for Shadow Warrior (2013)

And here it is, the Hatred gore review:

Here’s a messy one - the gore review for Mortal Kombat X

And here’s the review for Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway