Gortys will take someones place in future Borderlands


So basically, they want to replace Scooter with Gortys.

What do you think?

That would annoy me immensely! I’d rather have Janey Springs take on the role.

Replacing that character with a Robot would be wrong, especially considering your initial introduction in Borderlands 2. Also Ellie would make more sense given her occupation and relationship to the character. Even Tiny Tina (perhaps opening a ‘Rides and Rockets’) or Gaige (who has some experience with machinery, since she created Deathtrap) would be decent choices. Even Moxxi would make sense, since she could run a Borderlands version of Nascar racing on the side where the opponents try to destroy each others vehicles ala Death Race.

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I wouldn’t mind seeing Ellie or Moxxi take the role.


I think the whole decision doesn’t make sense to me. It was an emotional moment, but it also somehow felt weird. It was like - hey! Let’s kill someone to remind people this is dark too! And lets replace him with random atlas robot! Totally makes sense!
So for me, writing was of course great, but It felt really weird and rushed.

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Personally I think Gortys should become a friend of claptraps, so they can high five an stuff, they are perfect for each other :3

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I say, whatever happens in their story, is what happens. If they decide that Gorty becomes a gearhead, so be it. Personally I think he’d be better utilized another way. Maybe even as a vault hunter!

As long as they dont replace clappy with anyone, I dont care.