Got a bunch of legendaries of varying levels, feel free to have a look

As the title says, not all the levels are the same. Most of these have been sitting in my inventory for a while, the lowest being level 49, I think. I got lower ones, but I doubt anyone really wants those.

Here are a few general items I’d like if you got one to spare. Preferably level 53, but they can be as low as the weapon you’re trading for. So if you trade for one of the 49s, I’ll accept a 49 in return.

  • Cryo Ion Cannon
  • One Pump Chump
  • Radiation/Cryo Spinner
  • Sellout (Yeah I know this one’s just a mission item, but I’m terrible at rerunning campaigns. It carried my quite a ways on my first run through, so I figured I’d ask if anyone kept a spare)
    -Scoville (Same as the sellout)
  • Loot Expanding Moxxi’s Endowment

Though it would be appreciated, you are not obligated to trade me anything in return; I’m perfectly fine with giving my items away.

Like most of these threads, my requests are subject to change. My Epic Store name is PjWrox.
Now, to the loot:

Hi! Actually i do not need anything on your list… But because you are willing to give things away for free, I will honor this by sending you some of your wished items that I have to spare. Just add me - Epic Tag is as my username here - and I will send you some…

Hey, thank you! Sorry for the long delay, I sent you a request whenever you have the time.

I’m interested in the 52 shock cutsman with Rakk Attack. I have most of the items you are wanting and will gladly hook you up.

Epic ID; Mourning6Lory

No worry, times are not the same around the globe…
Sent you some stuff, enjoy it…
53 Rad Infinity
53 Hellwalker
53 Transformer
50 Scoville

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Items received, thanks again.

Sure thing, sent you a request.

Your welcome!


Accepted your request. Believe it or not, you are my first friend added since I switched over to pc. :wink:

I’m also very interested in the Seeing Dead com with hyperion and jakobs crit damage.

I just sent you a x2 Lyuda with Lifesteal anointment (not radiation though. Sorry)

I also sent you a Dastardly Headsplosion with the stackable 5% damage.

Sent you an It’s Piss grenade mod too

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Thanks so much! I sent over your com, enjoy!

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Hey dude can you give me that thunderboll fists with the phasecast anointed prefix?

Sure thing, your Epic ID the same as your name here?

Hey thanks, yes it is