Got a god roll mod

Finally got a god roll. Only thing that could make it better to me is if it had 2 in playing dirty instead of 1 so I could get it up to 105% instead of 90%.

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Nice one.
Would not call it a Godroll but it is ok.

Gonna be honest, I think you’re better with less percentage in PD the way SD works. Every bullet you fire has a chance to proc kill skills whichever has a chance to have a chance to proc PD, and every kill automatically also has a chance, and you’re gonna be killing a lot.

Even at a single point from the com alone I have the PD shot so often. Might as well spend the points in something else to get even more chances. Reload buff or fire rate

Interested in what your preferred roll would be. With this roll on my build and gear it’s devastating. Running Brainstormer, Fire Redistributor, Shock Cutsman, Maggie, sometimes Carrier and Conference Call. So this mod fits in great with my weapons.

Weapon Damage, SMG Damage & another mod of preference, in your case it would probebely be Shotgun Damage.
For myself it would be mag size.
Atleast a +3 in Donny Brook, the higher the better.

Still a nice roll you got there mate, no worries.

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I agree, that last one would be better and an actual God Roll if it where Crit 18%, or Shotgun 31% based on your build. Every build will be a godroll if it benefits that build in a massive way. So a godroll for you may not be a god roll for the next guys.

A good example is my Godroll Mod Seein Dead with +25% Weapon Dam, +31% SMG dam, + 54% recharge - For me it was a godsend because i use Cutsmans a lot, not they shoot so much faster which equals more DPS. Had that last one been a +18% Crit it also would have been awesome