Got another Krakatoa

Why RNGesus? Just…why? :sob:


One other question I have - did they lower drop rates for all recently buffed guns? You know, because balance etc.


I have no idea. I just wish GB would stop allowing items to drop with no anointment if you are playing on the highest difficulty. On M4 TVHM an item with no anointment is instant garbage IMO. And that isn’t even including all the garbage anointments like “while sliding” or “while airborne”. SMH.


What? You don’t snipe while jumping thru the air? Lol. I’ve found a few with good anointments so far. Fun now. Rampager seems to drop quite a few Kraks.

I don’t think that they did but it sure feels like it on some of these.

I’ve been farming for a Star Helix for the past hour on M4 from the Power Rangers and every single one that they’ve dropped has been non-anointed. It’s very frustrating.

Oh I don’t know. An unanointed krakatoa does just fine, even without a com and artifact.


Maybe but that isn’t the point. If you see in the screenshot all the white stats? It’s identical to the one I have equipped except that the one I have has a Moze specific anointment. I was hoping to get one with an anointment that isn’t class specific or at least one for other classes.

I mean you killed him, eventually.

But it’s a huge difference when you set up right(ie have anoints and passives). If I was killing GW with Zane though I’d just use a Scourge and 1 hit him because he just can’t do what Fl4k can do with the snipers. And when you are farming something a lot that long of a kill is just tedious, if it took me that long I’d just not do it.


Well I haven’t seen a single Lob and only 1 Hellshock since they did it… seems odd to me since li’l Giga loves those.

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I’m going to farm Giga right now. We’ll see about the Hellshocks. I know that I got a lot of them before the buff.

I’ve still been getting a lot of Lobs from GW.

I got an anointed Hellshock on the first Giga kill. :grin:

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I farmed Giga a couple days ago and I didn’t get one of the new upgraded guns with the exception of a Woodblocker I think? It’s funny because I used to get Lobs and Krakatoa all the time. I think I must have sent at least 20 to the vendor but now…not so much.

This is why I hate farming. I have farmed Giga numerous times and have never gotten anything I was looking for. Still don’t have an anointed Transformer. Don’t have many Otto Idols. Didn’t get any of the upgraded guns. Always feels like such a waste of time. :frowning:

I think I got one anointed Transformer during the Halloween event so it had a Terror specific anoint which I hate. Other than that I have gotten like 5 Transformers with no anoint at all. So frustrating.


What kind of anoint are you wanting on a Transformer? I’ve saved up quite a few I’ll send some your way if you let me know what you need.

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Any good anoint for Amara or Moze. On Amara I mostly use TTB. On Moze probably any good ASE or AB type would work.


That video was just to highlight the difference a com and artifact can make (did you watch all the video with the 2nd kill, com on?).

It’s not the quickest, but it is still not too bad. On console so it would actually becomes more tedious for me if I spend 90% of the time in the loading screen (what would happen with one-shot-farming).

Not tried a scourge. May have one in the bank. Do you just use the scourge or do you crit swap for the one-shot kill?

Not a fan of crit swapping.

The gist of it is - Seein Red capstone, Snowdrift, Executor or Anti-Freeze com.
Heres a fairly old topic of videos I made doing it to a lot of bosses. It’s still relevant.

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Ah, there is the rub though, getting those perfect passives :wink:

If you don’t have the passives just shoot more then once :slight_smile: Carry more then one Scourge and you can swap/rapid fire them.

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Oh, I am forever farming for better gear :wink: so may eventually get some better rolls. Not sure how my aim will hold up though, you may have noticed I’m not the most accurate player.

That would make speccing into Cold Bore worthwhile.

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I think most of the second tire of anointments need to be removed. It is already bad enough how polluted the game drop pools are but to have nonsense anointments that may contribute nothing is just irritating.

We have some anointments like ASE elemental damage, or massive damage boosts during Action skills that allow us to build whole play styles around them but then we have 50% damage while Airborn. That is worse then a 10 second damage boost because most of the time I’m not going to be airborn for more then a few seconds. We don’t have jet pack remember we dumped them in to space

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