Got Axton to lvl 72, deciding on a build

So I finished UVHM story, and got to max level. Now I need to decide what skills to take for a generic build (mobbing and possible some of the easier raid bosses). The choice is basically down to three things: Taking Double Up, taking Gemini and taking grenade buffs from gunpowder. And I can take only 2 out of 3. What to take?

Personally I’ve been rocking a low-Survival build taking advantage of Gunpowder and Guerilla’s excellent buffs. I use Moxxi ARs, the Kitten and Hail, for survival alongside a Blockade, with that one shield buff/hp regen skill plus some points in resourceful.

I’ll post my build if I get a chance to jump on, it’s worked fine for me at OP3. I’ll also edit it to how I change it when I’m fighting Pete. I aim to kill him as quick as possible so I tweak my build to reflect this.

I don’t find that many of Axton’s skills are awful, so you can pretty much pick what you want? Unless you’re selecting skills that don’t jive with your gear, you should be fine with almost anything. I have two Commandos; both of them use Double Up (that “free” slag is invaluable), but one uses the Gunpowder tree and the other Survival.

Duty Calls rarely gets used because it’s not enough to match/surpass the buff from matching elements to enemy health types, so it’s not often that people run a non-elemental Commando and stand on this skill.

Laser Sight rarely gets more than one point because there doesn’t seem to be conclusive evidence that it changes the turret behavior in a meaningful way? (the one point is handy to tell what the turret is focused on during combat). I am actually working on an experiment to see if I can determine what high-accuracy does to the turret (other than narrowing the cone).

A number of people don’t care for Nuke, but this seems to be based on an assumption that it should do more damage than it does? I’d certainly be down for a Nuke buff, but I use it to knock enemies around strategically (away from you, over some now-exploding elemental barrels, off a cliff, whatever).

The Double Up/Gemini way is easier to play as it has an in built Slag mechanic, two turrets and survivability.
You can go down the Gunpowder and get more damage due to splash mechanics but you have to choose survivability or damage to complement it. You cant have both like the first setup.


I heard that the laser sight skill, even with one point, makes your turret more inaccurate. I don’t remember exactly why, but I think its because the turret becomes unable to track targets that are moving. Like it is lagging behind. I’ll check the next time I get on.

Yeah, I’m open to suggestions for how to test? I’m thinking of my favorite stationary target (the wall-mounted turret in Opportunity - clear everyone out and off you go). Drop the turret at the maximum range where it will pick up on the target, and check it’s precision as a function of points.

Totally agree with above…

In UVHM Slag is 3x the bonus and the reliance on Slag is even more so at OP8.

To put it bluntly, Slag is just…everything to Axton.

And a classic 26-15-26 build gives you double the slag and double the blocking/distraction/drawing aggro of the turrets.

I too love the Guerilla/Gunpowder explosive builds and with a Bee and something like a Chaotic Neutral Ranger it can be VERY powerful on Axton.

But in reality, the 3x slag mechanic that you are employing with Double Up/Gemini will actually produce more effective and consistent DPS in almost all situations as long as you become good at slinging your turrets tactically and…it’s waaaay more survivable.

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That reminds me: Laser Sight testing!


Sooooo, I did not see a noticeable difference between 0 points in the skill and 5 points in the skill.

Am I missing something???

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No, that’s basically what I saw. At some level, this is to be expected for a 50% increase in accuracy (think about how small the difference this would be if you were looking at it through the scope of your favorite gun at that distance. For a sniper rifle at long distances, this could mean a lot, but for a turret with much shorter range, not so much.

If I were going to re-write the game to adjust this to where I think each point would be worth their cost out of my skill trees, I’d probably make them enough such that the turret would never miss at the extent of its range with +5 points spent. To know this value would require knowing its actual accuracy rating, but you get the drift.

I agree, make the skill worth at least something. I would have added a general 5-7% overall accuracy bonus per point to ALL guns when specced.

Would make it soooo much more of a temptation and would have really helped Axton to maybe decide to use Bandit stuff a bit

Thanks for testing this! You saved me five points.

Non elemental tank is my build you will like this in op8 with the legendary pointman class mod with gear as bekah, a pangolian shield prefrebly violet or blue pangolian shield so no slow walking but If you can cope with slow walking hoplite is your friend, interfacer is good if you have violet turtle shield cause gun is super short ranged if hoplite is shield striker I recomened, dosen’t require you to be that near to enemy and the usual slaging weapon a rubi or grog nozzle, and a non maliwean luncher a nukem, relic is skin of the ancients with this relic wow it’s like you don’t need your health bar anymore. grenade mod is meteor shower or fastball

Interesting concept.

Tradeoff is firepower and killing power for tankiness.

But willing is not specced??? Nor Able.

If I am using that com…and Non Elemental weps…here would be my approach which doesn’t take that much from your build. I get two vs one turret, my turrets stay out twice as long…I get Able to 6/5 and I get a little Recharge capability from QC on a kill.

For the types of Big Shields you are using…it might help.

Just my take. As I said…your build looks interesting.

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