Got corrupted and lost guardian ranks, skins, and cant use maile now

im not sure what happened but i loged out one night and the next day it said i got corrupted and then i redid the visual thins in the beginning ,thinking nothing of it. i then found out that my gun skins are gone , i have 0 guardian ranks when i had 100+ and i keep getting mail that it then says i dont have any available.

i also just checked. i lost my entire bank as well full of legionaries!!! also some of my sdu slots!!

Check YouTube for your problem, Easy way to solve your problem, just go to your save finder and do what they Said on the vidéo, can’t rembember exactly what sorry.

im not seeing any fixes for this. form the sounds of it, they are just gone from my file becoming corrupt. im seeing people say its because of epic cloud and their is no fix. i lost nearly 125 guardian tokens. they did not go negative, just back to 0. that being said the 50 legendaries i had in my bank just are gone. i sorted trough tons of legendaries to get these and now, poof. this is a large issue that others are having too. if you know a youtube link to fix this please post it. as for now the loss of skins, weapons, guardian ranks, and ive her cases of entire characters is widespread.

I had the same issue. Logged back in my save files were gone and I lost everything both characters all my bank everything guardian ranks skins the whole nine yards. I had to start completely over from square one as if I just started the game.

Guys, use the windows feature for recovery/restore previous folder version, it solved my save and temp files corrupt. Go to save file location and find the folder with the long number. Right click and look for a previous folder version (the latest the better) and replace it. Hope it helps.