Got list for Trades, lots of stuff UPDATED 14th November

UPDATED 14th November

I’m looking for a bunch of items, listed below. Spreadsheet of what I have for trade linked below as well.

Name Anointment Element
Backburner STNL/Cryo All
Backburner Barrier Crit All
Boogeyman CH1 / STNL/Cryo All
Convergance Barrier Crit All
Convergance 50/150 All
Flipper Barrier Crit Rad/Cryo Fire/Shock
Flipper 50/150 Rad/Cryo Fire/Shock
Flipper Consec Hits Rad/Cryo Fire/Shock
Kaoson (x2) STNL/Cryo All
Kaoson (x2) 50/150 All
Kaoson (x2) Consec Hits All
Lightshow STNL/Cryo Cryo
Maggie 50/150 / Barrier Crit / CH1
Monarch (x8) STNL/Cryo Rad/Cryo
Major Kong 50/150 All
Plaguebearer STNL/Cryo Rad/Cryo
Plasma Coil 50/150 / CH1 / STNL Cryo
Prompt Critical CH1 / 50/150 All
Redistributor STNL/Cryo Shock Max Base Damge Variants Only (27 Mag)
Redistributor Barrier Crit All
Reflux (x14) 50/150 / STNL/Cryo / Barrier Crit
Sandhawk 50/150 Cryo/Rad/Fire/Corrosive
Sandhawk STNL/Cryo Cryo/Rad/Corrosive/Shock
Sandhawk Consec Hits Fire/Shock/Cryo/Rad
Sandhawk Barrier Crit All
Skullmasher Barrier Crit
Unforgiven Barrier Crit / STNL Cryo 432% Crit
MIRV-Tacular Hex OGT 25% Rad/Shock
Old God STNL/Move Rad
One Shotter STNL/Move
Snowdrift or Atom Bahm Deathless Mag Size, AOE Dmg, Rad Dmg
Ice Breaker Victory Rush Mag Size, Move Spd, AR Dmg or SMG Dmg
Ice Breaker Victory Rush Wpn Dmg, AOE Dmg, Cryo Dmg
Snowdrift Victory Rush Mag Size, Move Spd, SMG Dmg or AR Dmg
Atom Bahm Victory Rush Mag Size, AOE Dmg, Rad Dmg
Pearl of Infinite Knowledge Mag Size, Fire Rate
Seein’ Dead Splash Dmg, AS Dmg, Wpn Crit Dmg
Seein’ Dead AS Damage, Mag Size, SMG or AR Dmg
Bloodletter / Mind Sweeper (No TBL) (redist a must) Mag Size, Splash Dmg, Wpn Dmg
Blast Master Mag Size, Splash Dmg, Wpn/SMG Dmg
Blast Master AS Dmg, Splash Dmg, Mag Size
Webslinger Shock

I’m away for 4 days but have numerous items in your want list. Happy to give you more to add to your list as well if you like too. Best we catch up in Sanctuary if that works. I’m in eastern Australia so not sure if It will work. You’ve got a few things in interested in.
I’ve got the SNTL backburners, a Urad rad Backburner, some Urad and CH Flippers, both Urad plaugebearers you want, the Urad redundant reflux, you didn’t mention it but I had a 300/90 unforgiven with 432% crit drop for me a couple of days ago, shock recurring Hex with OGT, the Atom Balm deathless with those rolls, the bloodletter, mindsweeper and blastmaster. I think I have the SMG seein dead.

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I’ve got quite a number of items on ur want list as well. I think we’re already friends on PSN? Between wonga bunny and myself, we should have u covered.


When you have finished your trades with Fnq1974 and awongus, lmk what you still need. I maybe got some of the rest.

@Fnq1974 I would be interested in the Unforgiven with 300/90 if that’s ok :sweat_smile:

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My PSN is wonga-bunny. Send a message in 3 days time to remind me. Cheers.

Thanks guys, appreciate it, let me know if there’s anything you want and I’ll send it over

I have a recurring hex cryo with 25% dmg on throw. Can i trade for the rad Redistributor stnl cryo please

Just sended you some gunz then looked at your list and saw that u already got lightshow with sntl cryo :crazy_face:

Got mail timer will send some more stuff later

I would like to get your redistributors with sntl cryo in rad and corrosive and the skullmasher sntl cryo.
interesting bloodletters you also got :grin:

Bloodletter 2 Pd, 1 Dm, 2 Trl
32% Splash Dmg 35% Shotgun Dmg 11% Vladof Wep Dmg 57

Bloodletter 3 Trl, 1 Dm, 1 Pd 32% Splash Dmg 56% Tiedore Wep Acc 51% Dahl Wep Crit Dmg 57

That would be nice :wink:

Sent and TY for the trades

Thanks a ton man, sent items and let me know if there’s anything else you need

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Ok you asked for it, so :grin:

Boom Sickle CH1 Fire
Old God ASE Rad Rad
Mind Sweeper 1 Re, 4 Tcp 32% Splash Dmg 35% Heavy Wep Dmg 34% Grenade Dmg

Thx buddy

No problem Champ but will have to send later today, gotta head out for a couple hours.

Sent :smiley:

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Sent you a couple of weapons on your list. Messaged you on psn

Sure. I’m on again tomorrow.

I actually had the level 65 version of that Vladoff bloodletter drop for me a while back. Onky difference from memory is that it has 2 DM. It’s awesome with a Boom Sickle.

Sounds interesting too
What are u actually looking for?

Not much really. Happy to give it to you. I’m on tomorrow morning. PSN is wonga-bunny.

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What’s your PSN again?

I can trade you all 50/150 plaguebearers to start I would like your x20 anarchy 50/150 psn R4y2a1n