Got my Handsome Collection keys and loot twice?!?!

I just wanted to share an experience here because i don’t know where else to do it. I bought the Handsome Collection a couple weeks ago and have been playing non stop. I booted up the Pre-sequel about a week ago and got to the Concordia shift machine to claim all my keys and collection exclusives, 85 keys total without putting in more codes. And the Halloween gun and few other things. Anyways. I played til Igot to level 25. Then, I went on a trip and brought my ps4 with to play in the hotel offline. When i got home and hooked back up to my at home wifi, I was messing around again in Concordia and checked the shift machine. I had 85 more golden keys and the starter guns given to me AGAIN!?!? Has this happened to anyone else??!? I can’t find anything about on the forums.

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I’ve never heard of this happening before. Maybe some of the other forum members will know


I had the same thing happen the three times I checked. I got 85 keys and loot each time.

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