Got myself stuck?

So I was on Promethea and I went back to Sanctuary to check my ingame mail, but now it looks like I can’t back off Sanctuary. Was there something I was supposed to do to hook Promethea to the Fast Travel? If so, do I need to go back on my save to fix it? I’m a bit lost; help would be appreciated.

Edit: Just so people know, I didn’t realize how the mailbox worked when I posted this. Figured out the mailbox, now. Still stuck on Fast Travel

The drop-pod on Promethea automatically becomes a fast travel point. Go to your map, then hit the galaxy map button, click on Promethea, and fast travel back.

I had completely forgotten that there was a separate map, thank you!

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Okay what if it’s not an option to go back. Like I cant press on the planet at all? @ZephanUnbound

I have the same issue…

I cant select the planet either.

If you go down into the cargo bay there is a meridian outskirts door

Same problem here on the mission Space Laser Tag and the planet just does not show up.

You need to have fun jumping in and out of multiplayer, hoping to arrive in the right planet

Thats what I did, took like 4 goes

Nah theres a door in the cargo bay by the big chick
Was an hour of drunken rage before I figured it out


oh that was a pain, it tells us to go to fast travel station, shouldn’t the checkpoint be there

My thoughts exactly… I happened upon it by dumb luck hoping maybe talking to someone would send me down or reset something

any chance you can tell me/show me with an image or video where this worked, to get back down? This is bound to affect others, and I could make a quick guide on it

The area he is talking about is where ellie and earl are located. It’s the drop pod you have to use. Head down the stairs leading to that area and make a right off the stairs and you will see another set. Follow those down and that’s the drop pod.

I dont get why there are 2 area waypoints when only one works for traveling. The fast travel does nothing but link you to sanctuary.

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I can’t access the drop pod. It’s there but doesn’t allow me to travel

Are you trying to go back to pandora? Because I’m having the same problem. I made a thread on it. Not sure if its intended to be that way or bugged.

I’m trying to go back to promethea after joining my wife’s game on Pandora. You can’t even select the planet or use the drop pod even though I still have the quest for promethea.

Update: the only fix for this I found was to random matchmake… This still is risky because if you join someone who is further than you them you will have all the missions you didn’t do be complete… Game is broken either way and I will be shelfing it till it’s fixed unfortunately… SMH…

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Well I was finally able to choose a planet after reloading my game a few times. I’m back on pandora now. Sorry your game is bugged, hope they fix the problems everyone is having soon.

I knew I wasn’t crazy lol, that drop pod does nothing the second time! And yes ‘random matchmaking’ was the fix, and they were ahead of me and in the few seconds I disconected they completed a mission on a another planet, and by the time I found a game on Promethia, when I complete the mission for Rhys the game wouldn’t allow me to chose no to fast forward either…until I took the batteries out of my controller that is, after it disconnected it sort of reset the options and I could chose ‘no’.

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What you have to do is go to the room where claptraps butt got stuck and use the planet panel thing and then you can select promethea. It was the only way I could get back to my planet without risky matchmaking attempts


Gonna try this thanks

Update: OH MY GOODNESS that worked… Just got to the panel in the room with the hole and then the drop pod allows travel to promethea… Thanks so much… Now I can keep playing :slight_smile: