(got no DLC) weapons wont deal serious Dmg in vanilla game?

Hi Fellas,

i play Amara lvl 65 and this is my build: (remind i dont have any DLC´s yet!

My question now is (i´m using Phaserker mod btw), why am i not dealing any Serious Dmg? Even with the “Hellwalker”… shot´s inflicting like 0.0001% dmg to bosses even normal mobs aren´t rly affraid of my "heallwalkerish or other Guns Dmg.

Is it that the Weapon Buffs only apply when you´re running the DLC´s? or am i missing something?

If u need further Informations i will try to bring them.

Greetings and thank you for replying!


several things:

  • Check around the forums, there are plenty of builds for Amara.
  • You don’t need DLCs to deal serious damage, a good build with only vanilla gear is totally ok for M10. I’ve been using a Star Helix (assault rifle) since the very beginning, that works fine.
  • Using the appropriate element will make your life easier (fire on flesh, electric/rad on shields, corrosive/cryo on armors). Unlocking Guardian ranks also helps, it should come naturally.
  • Anointments are probably the most important thing to look after on gear, it easily doubles or triples damage. You do need to use that to go through higher Mayhem difficulties.
  • Appropriate relic/artifact added to your build may also boost damage.
  • If you struggle finding good gear, you may use “Facepuncher” builds (focus on melee buffs) to farm.
  • Also note some very powerful guns are only accessible from specific enemies (ie. One Punch in Lectra city) or at Mayhem 6 and above (ie. Kaoson from Cap. Traunt, Monarch from Killavolt).

If none of that helps, try lowering Mayhem level for a while, raise Guardian ranks and get good gear, retry later.

NB: make sure the Hotfix is applied when launching the game, or else some of the Mayhem scalings (ie. action skill damage) won’t apply.

If you have Eridium and the Gun Gun, you can easily get some legendary guns to get started on higher Mayhem levels.

Hey guys thank u for replying.

Everything u mentioned was already done. And i have all unique weapons who were top tier in Vanilla list. It kinda feels like that there‘s a missing update that my game won’t install… but i can‘t find anything.

Like i mentioned my Hellwalker (with augment of phaselock 200%dmg increase) and yes i‘m using Phaselock xD, wont deal any Dmg even on normal mobs. It feels like it‘s the non updated version.

Move points into Do Harm and Awakening. They give Amara a lot of value. Id personally take them out of green tree for this build.
Furthermore you dont need the DLCs to activate the weapon buff hotfixes, but you DO need to wait at the title screen for them to apply. Theres a sign post in the background behind the selected VH. If theres a sign that says “Hotfixes Applied” then your good to go

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Thank you very much jake! This might be the Answer to wait for applying the Hotfixes. I didn’t know that!

Does this work in offline Mode as well?

If you are truly offline (so without an active connection running) you cannot receive hotfixes. Otherwise yes, you always need to wait for them to be applied in the main menu.
If you don’t you should receive a notification as you play to go back to menu an apply them.