Got some Re-volters and a CMT. I need?

Got some left over Re-volters and a Cloning Maddening Tracker I won’t use. If anybody have any top tier stuff preferably with 160% splash after exiting IB or 125% incendiary after exiting IB then let me know. Might have some other stuff in the bank as well if you’re looking for something special.

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sorry for hijacking this, but it seems like you could have the anwsers…

ever seen a revolter drop that rolled with 3 vagabond parts? (it adds movementspeed while shield is full, incase you dont play in english) i would like to know if that is legitimately possible

I’m pretty sure it is possible. I get revolters with triple parts all the time just unlucky and not triple of the same part.

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Seems that way, as far as lootlemon says

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I am not that sure. I have never seen a shield with double knock-back roll. I know it doesn’t make any sense to have more than one of that. My point is that there must be a mechanism which limits the max number of a specific perk allowed on an item.

There isn’t as long as they have 3 spots for parts. That’s how triple Amp shields exist. Just that rng is very strong in this game.


@dansenbjerg, do you have anything specific in mind? Do you want a rocket launcher or an AR? Elemental, non-elemental?

I am looking for a Plaugebearer, kickcharger and a backburner with 150 over 90%. Also a Monarch with 125% incendiary after exiting IB. Are you looking for anything?

I think I can help you. Find me on PSN!

Cool! Will do next time I’m playing.