Got The Game Used For PS Vita, Is There Any Way I Can Get The DLC?

Recently I’ve gotten into the Borderlands series. I tried the game some time ago but never played long enough to get hooked, but after becoming a fan of Battleborn I decided I should give it another shot. After finishing my finals for this semester I finally got around to borrowing it from my dad and playing it again and I’ve been enjoying it. I decided to ask for the Vita version for Christmas, and received a used copy. I buy used games all the time, so that’s no problem. However, because it’s used, the code for the DLC is won’t work; it’s either already expired or, more likely, was already redeemed. I checked the Playstation Store for the DLC, but it appears that it’s unavailable for purchase separate from the game itself. I can stand to not have most of the content, except Krieg and Gaige were my favorite characters from what I’ve played on the home console version, so I definitely want to get them.

Is there a way I can the DLC on the Vita version without re-buying it?

Unless if you were somehow able to buy the code from someone so that y can use it, you’ll have to get a new one

Yes it’s true sadly
I bought a vita last year for a vacation I was going on and hoped to continue vault hunting. Cross save works great but you can’t use any dlc weapons or access and dlc without the code.
I could only find a preowned game and the dlc is no longer avail on psn.
Still kills me so disappointed.