Got the omni cannon from The Sponx

Farmed him for about 3 hours or so and he finally dropped me a legendary and it was the omni cannon. So now we know despair self loathing drop the thunderfire and meganade. And sponx the omni cannon. Happy farming.


wow cool, can u tell me where the sphonx is, i am so confused with the mapdesign in the dlc. also does the sniper always comes NE?

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The sponx is in the subconcious map. You have to do a sidequest to get him to spawn. Im not sure what your other question is. What is NE?

At first i wasnt sure, but after some thinking i think NE means “no element”

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Ahhhh yes I think you are correct. And to answer ladre. Im not sure if it comes with all the elements or not. The one that dropped was the only one i saw

thx for reply, yes NE= nonelemantle
i did that quest already, but i dont remeber the exact location.
but i started a new game with athena anyway lol

It is classed as NE but actually is Explosive. Yes it only comes in NE but there is a chance of it having the Luneshine where it has a 30% chance to ignore shields.

i need a good sniper-rifle desperatly for my baroness, running around with the pitxhfork or a snider is lame. alos since u mentioned the luneshine effect: that means u can grind the new legs?

Hi does the sponx respawn !!!

Yes every boss respawns in the dlc.

Thanks for the reply but I have gone through the part where sponx was originally and he has not re-appeared since, only the small minions

Sponx was always by him self. Or maybe he did have minions only during the quest. But when i farmed him he was by himself. Maybe you’re thinking of despair and self loathing? I can guarantee you they all respawn. Maybe you need to turn in the quest you’re on?

I’m sure sponx respawns as i’ve been farming him myself but with no luck of any legendary, great to know that he actually has one tied to his loot pool.

i have however gotten the new legendary hyperion laser the longest yard to drop from earworm, i have certain reasons for continuously farming him. also, the new scav AR the fusillade dropped from a very insecure ultimate badass bot (something like that?) so i’m wondering what sort of loot pool is actually attached to those guys.

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Awesome i had a feeling earthworm dropped something. After i get the thunderfire hes next on my list to farm

This gun has a chance to DROP with the Luneshin, but yes you can also Grind them.

Got mine from one of those aswell. Save to say that they have the Fusillade in their pool.

Grats on the find, and thank you for showing who drops it. It’s on my list for Aurelia.

Going to post here to say that the Omni cannon seems to have very little sway even before the first shot and has explosive rounds similar to the cobra.

Whether or not you can get it with an element remains to be seen, but I know I want a level 70 version for my Jack.

Anyone know who drops the legendary Jakobs shotty yet? I require it.

No you can’t. No one knows yet, I got told a vague answer but it was “the green enemies in the DLC” I wouldn’t use that information.

I’ve still to find anything vaguely useful about the 1 shot revolver either, didn’t do all that much damage while I was using it and I got bored of it pretty quickly.

I am looking for the rerouter actually but i came here to say this:

i got the Longest Yard from The Earworm. If that helps.

Also, where the hell is the Sponx ? I get that he is probably the boss from the temple of boom but i have no idea where in the subconcious or sub-subconscious i am supose to go to get that quest.