Got to level 60 in UVHM, stop now? Am I wasting points?

Hi Guys,

Finally reached/maxxed at level 60 only a part way through UVHM.
Obivoulsy with lots of missions still to go there are loads of XP to be had but once they awarded you stay at level 60 and your XP total does NOT increase.
Seems a waste!
Is anyone waiting for the new DLC which is opening it up to level 70 to make the most of the XP points?
Just wondering.


I know what you mean, I had loads of side quests still open/undiscovered after hitting the Lv60 cap. I’ve cleared all side quests but just not turned them in. So will turn them all in when I have the update, then reset the mission progress so I can have another play through👍

that sir, is a good idea. how ever, your completed mission exp will be stuck at whatever it was when you accepted it. if you waited to accept those missions you would have been able to get more for them in a few days.selecting certain missions and waiting for others is how you can maximize you exp rewards. an example is the exploader mission in LLS, it can give 80,000+ exp at around lvl57-59. if you wait or next time you do the mission i wouldnt be surprised to see 100,000+exp reward.

I am holding my uvhm side missions until the 24th

Only if you already considered playing the game to be a waste. If you’re at lvl 60, eh why not. When the level increase comes you’ll have more fun stuff to choose from to go from 60 to 61+ with.

Or, start a different character you haven’t tried yet.

Or do both so that the next character has more lvl 60 stuff.

My plan is to play the new DLC first – no idea what the XP will be like but it’ll be something new. When UVHM1 first came out I found my maxed level 50 stuff got me through UVHM story-mode easily (was at level 53 by the end). So I’m thinking I’m set (gear-wise) for about 3 levels (60 -63). Then – maybe power-leveling with grinder farming for new gear? Most serious farming at level 70?