Got Voxic Core! Except

So I got the Voxic Core, which is pretty great, but the gear is darkened out and I can’t seem to activate it, even in matches. Is there some kind of specification that I need to be at in order to use it or does this only work on certain characters? From looking around, I’ve seen people use it on Mikos and Kelvins and I thought because the description mentioned the Jennerit, that maybe it only works on them (like Rath)?

It would be a shame if I can’t use it, after paying so many credits for the Epic Loot pack and I can’t use the one thing that was worth keeping.

keep it. gbx is fixing it soon. sold mine like an idiot and now i am back on the hunt again. Good Luck!

It’s currently disabled, in the process of being re-balanced.

…Yup if you check the last notes they disabled it.

Ah, I got it. Thanks. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t use it.

You’re totally right. Whoops.