Got what I needed

Have lots of legendaries. Let me know what you’re looking for. Thanks

Wouldn’t happen to have an anointed laser-sploder, would you?

Dont have that sorry :frowning:

I have one for trade, its a corrosive. what legendaries are you offering?

What legendaries are you looking for?

hmmI guess like everyone else Im looking for a MIRV hex (any ele), zane infiltrator class mod, anointed rough rider. those are the specific ones. if you have pics or a gallery of things you have to offer i can find something for the lucians if you dont have the specifics

I do have an anointed speedloading hellwalker, are you keen to trade for that?

i think i actually just looted one before leaving the house, what else you got?

How about this?

would you do it for that butcher in your inv?

Do you have an Itchy Flakker (radiation) ? Or a recurring radiation Hex grenade mode ?


This one?

Dont have any of that sorry :frowning:

ah damn its level 44 :frowning:, do you have a queens call for trade, id trade the lucians for one

Will a king’s call do?

sounds good, whats your epic? ill add you when im home

It’s Rycan344 :slight_smile:

ok but just so you know probably wont be home till 11:30pm est, have work today

That’s alright, I’m actually heading to bed now


Looking for Recurring Hex grenade or 6-MIRV Cryo Hex