Gotta Love this Community

Bunch of real good people lol

Every game has rude people. Judging an entire community based on the actions of one or a few isn’t really something I suggest doing.


Im well aware, after this match I made friends with a boss ass Miko player. Just thought this was funny.


please tell me the galilea sent you that message

Confirmed here Rath is more Op then Gali…

i wouldnt go that far

Would you rather play against all Cashiers from Walmart? :blush:

Why send the message? He had to have known you could post this. Rath is an assassin. If he gets the drop on anyone he is most likely going to win. If it’s a head on battle… well I’m not betting on him to win it all.

Uhmm…did you not send them a “LOL GG” out of nowhere first? You kinda initiated that one yourself…the “Lol” is potentially a pretty strong indicator for sarcasm.

Lol it sure was

We had a back to back taunt battle going on, I thought it was a friendly battle. I was wrong

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Ahhh i see well yeah…that could go either way, ironic he sent the no salt pic…he was obviously upset.