Gotta love this

Just found this clip. They sure put some effort into this. Hats off, guys! Well done!

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Ah yes, some excellent stuff. The guy who plays Axton pretty much nails him. I think this was originally posted in the Fan Fiction section? Edit: I mentioned that because there’s some seriously good stuff in there - full-size Maliwans, for example.

Don’t have time to watch the vid right now, but what’s a “full size” Maliwan?

(Ooohhhhh my first post in the BL2 section, there’s LOTS of good threads in here…I need to find my BL2 disc again, dammit)

A replica Maliwan SMG, made the size it would be from the game in real life. There are some very good props/cosplay folks into Borderlands!

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