Gotta love those plot holes

Athena states she leaves Jack’s employ at the end of main story. How to esplain clappy dlc end cutscene? She’s there. So Athena is lying or the guys at gbx don’t understand continuity check.

Also are they really suugesting that freezing methane is too tricky for a space travelling culture? C’mon guys think a little bit more before dropping 1000% dumb ‘explanations’ for no lasers in bl1/2.

for athenas motive, play through it in normal mode, she has different lines, same as the regular story. pretty sure her motive is that she and janey spings needed money (Athena and springs where “Hanging out” then)

Yeah she mentions she needed the money for her and Springs. As for the laser weapons not being on Pandora, I think gearbox didn’t really think about adding laser weapons until The Pre Sequel and just used the methane or what ever they said to just put into a story. I bet BL3 will have lasers or freezing weapons, it was just something they had not thought about at first.

There was a topsecret incident involving Marcus and a straw!

Don’t mention it if you value your life!

It will be the storyline for the next TPS campaign DLC.



That feel when my PC loads the game too fast for me to read stuff like that

Well theres also the bit during the “Home sweet home” mission where the claptrap causes the scanner to think the player is a “Racist hot dog” and when done Tina asks if the hotdog comes back and Athena simple says “No.”.

And then the hotdog is host of mutator arena (yes i know the mutator arena holds absolutely 0% story value but i wish Tina would freak out about it just for dialogue giggles.)

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sure but why not leave it with marcus and straw rather than state something really dumb like frozen methane not available planet side? us primitive real world people can manufacture it on earth.

And the ending cutscene has her saying she left Jack’s employ. Usually that means just that.

@Feculator sigh, well i’ve given over to consoles b/c its more comfortable lounge wise, but yeh i miss my game pc now and then

Well, the frozen methane thing is just for the Cryo element, not lasers in general.

I had a thread on the old forums about this very thing.

You should not be able to fire cryo except in cold environments.

And i cannot find any plausible explanation for the laser / Marcus thing…

Minor, but it still annoys me!

don’t forget athena’s inconsistency when it comes to claptraps… she hugs them, threatens their lives, apologizes to them.
i hope we get ice, fire, acid, electric, EXPLOSIVE and slag elements with lasers, guns, and E-tech with relics and o2 kits in BL3

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Explosive lasers are pretty much impossible. Or should be.

The Laser Disker just shoots disks that explode. So it is fine.

That rocket launcher laser though… I cannot explain it at all.

ever seen Akira…? his laser explodes. :sunglasses: also it was great they made Kaneda’s Laser a RL cuz it works just like in the movie!!!
and i wasnt askin for explosive lasers haha i want all the elements and all the gun types and all the equip.

I think Torgue claimed to destroy all/most of the lasers. Maybe it’s at least implied.

Racist Hot dog did deserve a comment from Tina. She could have said something like “I thought you said the racist hot dog didn’t come back! I would have told you skip to this part!”

Athena would have said, “Sorry about that, I tried not to think about my experiences in Claptrap’s mind after the fact.” Plus it is a sidequest. I don’t always consider sidequests to be canon.

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Torque (yes with a Q dammit) destroying the lasers!

Great thought!

Sorry about that. My service is acting strangely.

You’ll need more weapon slots and maybe a third hand. : )

Also why does Jack go on about how neat clocking shields would be when we’re fighting stealth dahl enemies?

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yeh except everyone is running about in street clothes except fragtrap and wilhelm, the latter still shows some skin. elpis does have some atomosphere with all those vents around, also indicated by twinkling starlight (caused by atmosphere) also o2 and methane have nearly the same boiling point, so if O2 is a gas, methane would be too.

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not all at once :pensive:
i believe that the o2 leaking thru the crust is coming from Elesser.

Say Torque again! Say - Torque - again! I dare, I double dare mf, say “Torque” one more goddamn time!


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Samuel L Torque…

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