Gotta say, the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC is topnotch

I really like the story, the characters, the new locations (like the huge library, the frozen lakes and mountaintops, the creepy town) and the humor (like Hammerlock saying how some parts of his family never accepted people like him - the kind that wear monocles, not that he was gay. lol).

I just came back awhile ago to BL3 after playing Destiny 2 for months, and let me tell you, it’s really refreshing to play something more lighthearted that the always grim-minded Destiny world, which wouldn’t know a joke even if one fell out of the skies on their heads.

So kudos. I know this DLC wasn’t everyone’s favorite, but I for one am pleasantly surprised by how good it was.


Destiny 2: But… but… I has pop culture emotes. :frowning:

maybe its because u didnt play bl3 for months so youre being crazy or something, because my first day got rakkpak crash every time i fight bugs . the only good thing i could think of is gaige return and tom xam being a easy spot for loot