Gotta say this (wait the title has gotta be 15 characters?)

Nobody cares, and I don’t care either, but I just gotta say that I love Borderlands 3 as it is now, with all it’s flaws and all it’s glory, and I am curious as to where the future leads. No more bitching, no more complaining, time to play.
Just that, I had to say it.


Wish it was that easy, but folks will find the smallest thing to complain about since the initial release.

I love the game but wish I had more friends to play with. But it’s still fun solo


I’m on the complete opposite side :rofl:

I hate what the game has become :sweat_smile: M2.0 is still a mistake, anoinments where a nice idea but badly executed, balance is nowhere to be seen, difficulty is pretty much non existant, etc.

I moved on and back… (on to other games and back to BL2)

Then there’s Diablo 2 coming this year and Diablo 4 on the horizon…

I’m just hanging around here seeing if the game ever changes for the best but by the time the next DLC is released i’ll probably left the forum too.


Power to you, OP.

To me, this game is a total disgrace in tems of history and all the political nonsense they sneaked through the game, not to mention the issues from day 1 that are still present in the game. Not even an indie game, made by a small developer’s team, has the bugs and glitches that this game still has, despite GB being a huge developer that’s been around for years.

The icing of the cake, was they charging you extra in order to fight a raid boss that was literally cut from the base game, and they didn’t even had the work to try to hide it. If you’re ok with that, then power to you.

If there is ever a BL4, I might get it, but only get it after I see someone else play it first and I’ll wait a few years to get it, just to see if they won’t pull another scummy move like that and and I end up getting disappointed again. As far as I care, I’m done with this franchise and GB from now on.


Considering how they handled balancing in this game, launch day might be the best time to enjoy the next game before they ■■■■ it all up with powercreep again, either that or wait until mods inevitably fix their mistakes again.


That was also the case with BL2.

TVHM on release was very well balanced with interesting build variety. UVHM+OP levels was garbage and threw a lot of that under the window for some reason. Gearbox has a grasp (somewhat) of the balance of the game, but once level increases start and they create new, powercreep gear, they kind of lose focus.

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Only problem with BL2 was slag…

I didn’t really hate it (i did at first but then started to use skill augments and/or grenades for this)

What i did hate was the weaponscaling, and hate it even more in this game, where difficulty is non existing… (appart from handicapping yourself wich is backwards logic)

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They just need to not give enemies arbitrary buffs. HP bloat has always been their go to ever since BL2. UVHM gives enemies 400% HP. OP mode on paper sounds like a good idea, making enemies harder by simply leveling them up but not the player, but the inital HP bloat of UVHM combined with the fact that higher level enemies get damage resistance is what ultimately brings it down. This is why balancing is so difficult. The more tanky enemies are the more every bit of damage you can get starts to matter and the gap in power between weapons has to be even smaller in order to not make the one with the highest dps the only option. If a basic enemy, say a phycho, normally takes 1-2 seconds to kill with consistent crits, a weapon with 20% more damage won’t make that big of a difference, thus you don’t feel compelled to use it over the weapon that you may prefer to use. But with bloated HP, a 20% increase in damage will matter if the phycho now takes 5-8 seconds to kill.

They just need to focus more on implementing new mechanics/enemy variants that require you to adapt to different strategies, rather than just making enemies tankier.

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Best difficulty scaling for me i had in Diablo 3…

The further i progressed the harder it became to push forward… But it never felt it grinded to a halt…

In BL3 i farmed to get into M4… Then mayhem 2.0 came and i just set it to M10 and never looked back… I’m steamrolling through it… But outside guardian takedown (wich i do not enjoy playing) there’s no content that’s actually challenging or hard

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For me hey, it’s BL! I’ll always love the series including this one no matter but it does need serious attention in areas, consoles especially. Im on xbox so yeah I’m bias. As far as it’s current state that’s a 50/50. Some things good, some things bad, but im playing it.


I feel the same about Genshin Impact’s balancing, which is pretty much my new main game. Couple of things that stand out:

-No powercreep, first and foremost. New content that gets added isn’t over tuned to the point where the characters you get for free can’t do anything. The new characters, while strong, don’t effortlessly destory everything in the game. You’d think, it being a free to play game, they’d coerce you into buying the best characters by powercreeping the ■■■■ outta the game, but no.

-All gear matters. Every peice of gear you pick up has value beyond the inital value of being equipped. So it’s important to pick literally everything up, which you can since your inventory is massive. Not only that, some purple and blue gear is actually meta for certain characters, depending on the role you set them up for. Legendary gear isn’t the be all end all which again, you’d think it’d be the case being a free to play game.

-Farming isn’t boring. The farming system is only partially RNG-based. Meaning that you’re always gaurenteed a reward worth your time, but if you’re lucky you get bonuses of higher quality. You’ll never be stuck farming the same content for hours on end, which helps to break the monotony of farming. Sure you’re still just doing the same repetitive things over and over, that’s what farming is inherantly. But there’s enough variety to where you’ll always be farming something different from yesterday, in addition to multiple things at once.

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I’m currently playing SAO alicization lycoris wich i can play with help from the game or do it all myself.

I also played the previous game (fatal bullet)
I loved farming in that game…

There’s nothing in BL3 atm that i feel is worth booting the game. I already have great gear and then they buffed it (clairvoyance) and well… There’s just 0 challenge (or i’d have to try playing with white items)

In the main, I like it. But there are some serious issues that need addressing, particularly progress blocking bugs in Guardian Takedown. Maliwan Takedown is great, the trials are great, but I do feel that either the trials or the takedowns should have some sort of unlockable progression like the peak did, maybe linked to mayhem. And Guardian Takedown needs way more loot at the end for a challenge that can be up to an hour of relentless play.

I’m looking forward to the new raid boss. I would like to see more raid bosses, maybe one per story dlc. Maybe some headhunter maps added too.

I enjoy the power fantasy of overpowered builds, but do think that more legendaries need to be viable for endgame builds. And while I don’t feel that weapon crafting would necessarily be a good idea, some sort of gear adjustment facility for coms and artifacts would be welcome. There are just too many variables with the different passives to make farming viable so we end up trading for stuff, some of which, though legitimately able to drop in game, may not have actually dropped in game :wink:

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It might be a sum of my mindset at this time, the game’s current status (after all the additional content, QOL improvements and fixes) and the experience I’ve accumulated, but it’s finally starting to click for me as the chill game (as in, a game in which I like to dwell and randomly screw around) I want it to be.

Time will tell, though. Also, I’m not against it getting more patches and DLCs.

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I created an account in this forum to basically slam Mayhem 2.0 in the very day it came out. I hate(d) the bullet sponging mechanics that came with it, that puts emphasis on dragged out battles instead of harder ones and also the gear scalling within, that rewards mostly those who were able to put up with it.

Funny enough, the Cartels event came out the same day, which to me did Mayhem right, just by putting more badasses and reinforcements on your path. Can’t wait for that event to return…

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yeah okay op so what are we discussing in this thread?

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Can’t say that I am happy with the direction BL has taken with this entry in the series. The story, annoints, weapons, etc. as much as they are a pain pale in comparison to the inability to have stable console performance, lackluster matchmaking and split screen performance, three things that enabled Borderlands to become the monster is did with a lot of people.

I don’t know for certain but I would take an educated guess that Season Pass 2 didn’t sell all that well and that is possibly due to the fact that there are still lingering problems with the base game that have yet to be fixed, but that is my opinion.

What I do know is that I am not alone in being apprehensive about anything that comes out of GBX in the future and will certainly never be a day one/preorder customer again with their products. I’m not going to be fooled into being an unpaid tester again, let others do that.

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I’ve had my issues, BUT since I now have vertical split screen, I’m happy.