GOTY 3day points bonuses

two part question…one if I and my wife both log on to goty before the gmt midnight start time will we both get the 1000 pts. credit, or Will we have to log off and li g back in. Part two does co-opping even work to get the bonuses or Will we have to if in seperately. Oh wait there is a third thing popped in, is there a minimum time we’ll need to play to qualify for the points?

My guess is, it’s tied to the SHIFT authentication that occurs when you first launch the game (GOTY Remaster). If that’s the case, I’d recommend that you each fire up the game for a solo session after the start time. If you’re in a co-op session prior to this, then fully quit the game back to the desktop/console before continuing. I didn’t see anything indicating a time requirement, so you could probably get this without having your two characters get too far apart level-wise.

Thx. Thought as much

One thing I strongly recommend is that everyone taking advantage of this bonus points award (thanks G.B.) quit Borderlands each day. i.e., go to manage app and quit it, or launch something else that causes Borderlands to quit.

Not that I’m excessively paranoid, but I do not know how the Shift connection to the app works, don’t know how often it pings the servers at GB, don’t know if their timers are running correctly, etc. etc.

So to be safe fully quit out and re-launch every day to insure the game reconnects with Shift to get yer credits.

Don’t know about the BL1 GOTY Remaster, but my HC BL2 authenticates only when I launch. The game will sometimes check for updates again when I quit back to the main game menu if there was an internet hiccup during a session, but I’ve never seen it re-authenticate with SHIFT.

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Thx. It’s not paranoia, play for 3 days find out you didn’t qualify, man… 4K points is another weapon. I’m doing all I can to start BL 3 on two feet. I was late to the original party but hopefully not this one.

So when does the clock reset? I have an odd work/travel schedule this weekend. I know I can definitely play before Midnight on Friday. If I log out and play again Saturday AM before I hop on a bus, will that count as a second day or do I have to wait a full 24 hours from last log? I can also definitely play a bit late Sunday night. Playing on PS4; account linked already (I was tardy to the Borderlands party; was frustrated by BL 1 but picked it up again recently and loving it).


All I wanna know is how we check to see if our day counted. I’ve logged on, but my points haven’t increased. Is there no way to tell if it’s counting your logins until the event ends?

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I see your point it does say your points will be awarded on the 21st.
My biggest concern is those that either don’t comply with the rules of have issues for other reasons complaining to Gearbox them getting inundated with whiners and never doing this again. I would like players to look at it this way. If you play and get the FREE points that’s great. If you don’t get the points at least you had some fun playing the game. I’ll not be the whiner if it didn’t work. Will you?

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Log in and play Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition between 12:01 AM GMT, August 16 and 11:59 PM GMT, August 18 and you’ll earn 1,000 points for every day you play based on the GMT time zone!* Play on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to score a bonus 1,000 points for a total of 4,000…


Points will be rewarded by 8/21 to qualifying VIPs who play Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition with a linked SHiFT account between 12:00am GMT on 8/16 and 11:59pm GMT on 8/18 .

Free weekend offer available until 11:59 PM PDT/BST/JST, August 18, 2019.

Discounts valid on digital purchases at select retailers. Offer available while supplies last. No rainchecks will be provided. Offer is void where prohibited. Availability varies by region; check your local retailers for details.

From the article.

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See…There are rules…don’t whine.
After all we’re supposed to be big strong vault hunters…

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I really hope they don’t really go by that GMT rule (even though it looks like it…) because I thought 9pm EST/6pm PST would be a fairly normal time to play to get the points per day. Lol.