GOTY DLC Disk Question

Hey guys and gals, I was considering buying the Borderlands 2 GOTY Ed. and I had a quick question that will probably sound dumb.

So, I used to have live a long time ago, and I purchased all the DLC’s except for the Hammerlock DLC, I don’t have the ability to download it via the internet on my 360 due to where I moved to, so I was wondering if there would be any issues with using the GOTY DLC disk even though I already have the first 3 major DLCs installed. Would any saved files get corrupted by doing this? Or is it completely safe?

Thanks in advance.

The saves shouldn’t be affected by disk versus download DLCs, as long as everything is under the same XBL profile and on the same physical 360. I don’t know if the GOTY installs the DLC from disk or downloads them, though (hopefully the latter!)

What I WOULD do, is get a USB key (aka flash drive), format it on the 360 (make sure you’re signed into your account before you format), and copy (NOT move!) the saves to the USB as insurance. (Also, if you don’t have internet where you are, make sure you don’t have your saves in the Clould Save thingie.)