GOTY Enhanced Controller Movement

For some reason when I use my controller forward movement will stall, it’s like it stops recognizing my joystick as movement, so like in a vehicle it will switch between moving and not and same with walking, however when I push the joystick in it doesn’t do that, but only as long as i keep it pushed in, which is annoying. Anyone know how to fix this.

Do you have a different controller you can try in case it’s that one controller that’s the problem?

And for that matter, what controller are you using? And have you tried updating its drivers/firmware? :thinking:

xbox one no new drivers, no problem with other games.

Are you playing wirelessly, or with a USB cable plugged into your PC? 'Cuz I play on PC using the Xbox One Elite Controller, plugged in with the included USB cable (I don’t have the wireless adapter for PC) and I haven’t experienced anything like you’re describing so far. But if I did, I’d grab one of my other Xbox One controllers to see if the problem was only with that controller.

It’s a wired one and it really only happens on borderlands goty enhanced while it runs fine on my other borderlands games.

Is it a genuine Microsoft Xbox One controller? Or is it a 3rd party one? Have you tried going into the controller settings for Borderlands and adjusting the sensitivity of the stick you’re having issues with from within the game itself to see if that helps? :thinking:

Dude, its not borderlands 3, its borderlands goty enhanced and yes its a genuine one.

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Apologies, momentary brain fart. :man_facepalming:

But you still haven’t answered the question asked: Have you tried going into the controller settings for that Borderlands game and adjusting the sensitivity of that stick from within that game to see if that fixes the problem? :thinking:

And while we’re troubleshooting it, have you tried plugging it into a different USB port?

Have you tried swapping out the USB cable for a different cable to see if the cable could be the issue?

Have you tried a second Xbox controller?

Have you tried putting fresh batteries into your controller?

Please try any of these that you haven’t tried already, and then let us know.

Sensitivity is already maxed and does nothing, it’s wired so it has no batteries. The only problem is with this one game and that’s it, none of my other games are having this problem. Cable is attached because its wired. I have no other controller. USB port isn’t the issue.

Okay, the final step I can think to try for troubleshooting is to go into your Windows Device Manager, look for the game controllers hardware, find the Driver for that controller (there has to be one, Microsoft just preloads it in Windows 10 so the controller is Plug & Play for you) and check for updates to the Driver. If it says you have the latest version, at that point, you Right Click on it and select “Uninstall Device”. Once that’s done, reboot your computer. That will make Windows 10 reinstall the driver, in case your current install became corrupt in a way that effects this game.