GOTY PS4 European physical release?

Is the GOTY PS4 release coming physically? If so where can I get it?

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I believe (and I may be mistaken) but I think Gamestop is handling the US physical copies. It might come to Game (as that’s the UK equivalent) but I’m not sure. However I hope that if it does Gearbox will make an announcement here, or on their social media accounts.

Unfortunately the Borderlands website only lists United States, Canada and Mexico at the moment. And the 2K Store seems to offer it as a Steam download, but not as a physical copy.

I haven’t seen a physical copy offered anywhere outside of north america. I’ve checked about a dozen countries. I’m running out of languages I can read.

I’m in the UK myself and can’t find any information anywhere. I’ve tweeted several people involved and have gotten nothing so far.

I don’t do digital purchases so am going to be very disappointed if this is digital only :cry:

I am in the UK too, cannot find any information anywhere about 3rd April release on Xbox. I want a physical release copy preferably. Even Xbox Live has no details about a release. There is, believe it or not, more of a world out there other than the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

It’s going to be worldwide digitally on the 3rd. Pretty sure of that.

I just don’t do digital games and if there isn’t a physical release then as much as I’d like to get it I’ll just fire up my 360 and play the old GOTY I have for that instead.

If I can’t get a physical copy. Than, I don’t want it!

There could be some competition heating up for worst release ever!

Hey gearbox. Just gonna put this out there - I always buy physical for console. I won’t be having Sony pull a Kindle on me and remove my shiz. More importantly, I just like physical copies. Doesn’t matter for this, since I play bl on pc, but still. Others don’t.

yeah, hope we get some news on physical copies especially since I am from overseas.

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Not my tweet but found this on’s help feed.

Seems to be digital only :cry:

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