GOTY version shows DLC, but won't start game

Our household has a second hand PS3 which has been playing other games just fine, but when we put our (also second hand) Borderlands 2 GOTY disc in, it shows all the DLC to download, but doesn’t download or start playing the game itself.
My housemate took the disc back to point of sale to ask if it was part of a 2 disc set, and the EB Games person assured us that that was the game disc. Has anyone else had this happen? Does it just take a very long time to load? The disc doesn’t say “DLC Disc” or anything like that.

You should be able to start the game without having the DLC installed. Once at the main game menu, there should be a “Downloadable Content” menu item (along with New etc.) Do you at least get to the main game menu? If so, what options do you see if you select “Downloadable Content”?

Hey i have the same problem i got the game from eb games pre-owend it doesn’t say dlc disk on it or anything but it only has dlc on the disk and not the game

Sounds like they stuck it in the wrong case then, or only gave you half the package. I’d go back to EBGames and point out the discrepancy. You can look it up, but I’m pretty sure that BL2 GOTY would be a 2-disk set for the 360 version. (BL1 GOTY was a 2-disk set.)

Yeah, this is what happened to us - we had to swap it over at EB.

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I have it for ps3 and my bL1 goty was only one disk

Didn’t the PS3 have a blue ray drive though? I do know that you could have more on a disk for PS3 than 360 (which only has a CD/DVD drive).

Anyway, if the disk is DLC only then the store obviously sold you the wrong one (or pulled the wrong disk to stick in the case).

Ok I will go check in the days to come