GPTPTG's Suggestion thead (BOSS Challenge Room etc)

2-side function BOSS level initial +N
Extra consumption of ore

Return from the portal after killing
1 Boxes appear in the room
Refresh the BOSS room after opening the box
Open box BOSS level automatically +1
Boxes up to 3-5 BOSS level automatically +3-5
6 random or fixed portals

BOSS box does not produce ore
After the kill
A box appears at the original portal
BOSS does not drop items

Go directly to the BOSS door

The other side is blocked with a wall


Love the idea of a boss run mode, but you lost me at no drops


If I get it right the boss’ drops are in a chest, so you can run it multiple times without the clutter of 100s items on the ground.


Very good idea I like your thinking,hopefully gbx sees this

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Questionable. Most people enjoy boss fights particularily because they promise better loot.

Just an idea
Even if this model is really launched
Bad gameplay
That is also an official question
The spray is done

delightfully delightful, me likey

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That idea was posted properly, it deserves attention. It would be a good addition to the game as well.

Posted this back it March but it never saw any traffic.

I had the idea to make an arena that can accommodate for any boss in the game.

This arena would be accessed by spending 150 eridium to spawn ANY random boss as is to the arena to fight. No guarantee on who or what you will get. This boss is in no way different than the one in their respective areas. Once defeated you can go back and re-spend to get another random boss.

Then a player can spend 300 eridium for an invincible variant on a boss. This can be any boss or an existing invincible boss. The loot pool will be increased with the difficulty spike for invincible. Once defeated you can go back and re-spend to fight more.

Once a successful run is done the path back to the starting area is has eridium laying about it (about 200-300).
On a successful Invincible run an added side room containing an extra 300 eridium and about 5 red chest will open up.

A player could spend 1000 eridium for a continuous boss rush in the arena. Bosses will spawn until player defeat or all current bosses (outside of invincibles) are defeated. Once complete players can return to check loot or start up again.

Finally a mode for continuous invincible boss rush costing 1500 eridium. Bosses will spawn until player defeat or 10 bosses (with all being an invincible version) are defeated. Again this will be repeatable.

After a successful completion of either boss rush mode players will be rewarded a loot room containing eridium (2000+) and 20 or so Red chests from each area (DLC) within the game. A run on the invincible will give a bonus 1000 eridium and 10 chest that are like Lilith’s chest ( guaranteed legendary).

Invincible bosses will function similar to their regular counterparts but will do increased damage, have more health, and do special attacks more often. They will also contain a legendary or unique drop only attainable with the invincible tag on them. (Might be a good way to add back Pearlescents)

Obviously this will need to be refined and work shopped to get down.

This is an idea for a way to run through all bosses or a challenge to see if your gear setup can handle anything and everything the game has to throw at you.


This game should have had a PEAK type run on release. Using all the bosses we meet during the story.

The template was there from BL2.

But because ‘the almighty numbers’ show that only 15-20% ever played the peak, that obviously meant I was unpopular.

Same with Raid Bosses.
Same with Decent Multi layered Side Missions
Same with Time Trials
…Seeing a pattern here ??

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Time 20-50 minutes
Goal 3-5
No specific location
Only tell the map

Target together or dispersion
time’s up Target disappears

1/3 or 3/3 mission accomplished
Get the next goal automatically

Volume reduction
So that the target can appear anywhere

Does the target move occasionally like “Monster Hunter”…


I feel like I’m receiving transmissions from an alternate timeline.

Mission NPC
Repeatable tasks


Mission location


Entry conditions


One for each room Random firearms
Trap or Trap+NPC
Each room has completion conditions
No injuries within a time
Kill specified NPC
Can only face
Follow the prompt

Could not complete the request correctly
Start the trap after 1-3 random times


Done correctly
Emergence channel

Boxes randomly appear in a room


A bit incoherent. Is this supposed to be a suggestion to do more interesting things with the floating cube?

Collect BOSS samples
put into
A fusion monster came out???

The idea is purely because of the movie

This mode is really bad
After all, facing a random end
Itself is a kind of torture


Thanks! Didnt know!

Increase the chance of mutation
NPCs have a chance to become mutants before being killed

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Find seeds outdoors


Grew up directly in the airship
Take it out to bask in the sun
Until growing up

See your preferences

Plant species 10-XX

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There are N exits in each area
Random distribution
There is only one correct exit
Choose the wrong one to enter the next area
The area will slowly collapse

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Use interval 8-12S
Use melee key press