GPTPTG's Suggestion thead (BOSS Challenge Room etc)

That’s an interesting idea. A sniper rifle or heavy weapon variant which uses melee for damage and whose animation is that of a throwing weapon.

The obvious way to introduce this would be Krieg’s buzz axes in DLC 4. :slight_smile:

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You know during our downtime waiting on BL3 I was kind of hoping we would get a throwing melee instead of the same hand melee. Was fond of it with the hunter in destiny but maybe we might in the future. If enough of us bring it up who knows.


Random boss
BOSS no immunity stage
BOSS exchange after a certain time or a certain injury
BOSS on the platform restores HP
BOSS on the platform takes 1 damage
BOSS on the platform can also attack players


these are such interesting ideas! great job on the pics too. that rotational boss mode especially looks like fun

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