GPU Crash related survey

Greeting gents i Need everyone attention for a few seconds, if you could please fill the following poll it would certainly help Gearbox to bring a better experience to all of you so please take the time to fill this small survey that take 10 seconds!

we are doing this poll to determine if it is a driver issue or a game issue

results can be seen here sadly we are inexperienced with Google so this is the bets you can see :confused:

i hope this can help out!

I went back to nvidia control panel and changed global setting to always
use my 780m, previously it was “auto select”. The “program setting”
for H:RW was already set to the nvidia processor.
I am now running graphics at the max where before it would crash while loading.
I’m sure someone will have a logical explanation for why nvidia appears to
have used the integrated graphics from the global setting but in the mean time “case
closed” for me.