GPU memory trouble

I have pc based on win 10 x64, which included GeForce gtx 760 (2gb GPU), 8gb ram and intel core i7-2600 cpu.
After starting play on tha 8 players map I have the error: an application has requested more GPU memory than is
available in the system. Before this problem, I’m normally play on win 8 (all setting is ultra), can you help me to solve that problem?

Are your video drivers up to date?

Additionally, what’s your task manager/resource monitor look like? Is an idle program perhaps sucking up GPU resources for some reason?

8 players may load enough artwork (every race, etc) that at full quality you exhaust all RAM (seriously, this game can nuke 4GB of video ram, at 4k with everything on). So just turn it down a smidge.

I have a TON of things on my list of todos - making this specific issue a bit less ‘fatal’ is one, but very low on my list (because you can avoid it with lower settings).

But playing with this settings on win 8, im not faced with that problem. My drivers is up to date (nvidia wqhl fo win 10), and im not playing on 4k, just on full hd. I think that the game dont support some features of win 10, or win 10 just raw