GPU running at 90% constant. GEARBOX WAKE UP

This is such a ■■■■■■ optimized game it’s laughable. Blowing out ppls GPU’s. Not ever have my GPU been running at that high GPU usage when idle in game (constant). Mindblowing. Do something Gearbox. CPU is running at 60% constant as well. Well done

Sorry to hear you’re having problems, please submit a support ticket here:

You should calm down honestly, gpu’s running at 100% is what they are made for.
idle at 90% is not going to blow up anyone’s gpu, unless you’re the type of person to have a card full of dust than it might catch on fire or something but hey.


GPU running at 90% is what you want. Actually no, you want your GPU to run at 99-100% AT ALL TIMES! THAT ITSELF is one of the signs of a greatly optimized video game. I think you need to clear up your understanding of what you should expect and what not.

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GPU at 100% does not have to mean the game is well optimized.
Mines at 100% so in your logic that must mean i have no stutters or other performance issues right?

You misunderstood me. Allow me to clarify. Optimization is not just a monolithic, simple word that can be explained by one metric, or number, or hardware part. Software optimization comes in many forms. In video game terms, if the GPU is 100% in usage, that generally tells us that ONE part of the optimization is looking good. That is to say, if your GPU is pegged at 99% most of the time, that tells us that the engine is making CPU drawcalls to the GPU on time; the CPU isn’t being a bottleneck to the average frame rate; and we WANT our GPU to be fully utilized. That is only PART of the optimization evaluation. Of course, if GPU is getting pegged at 99% with little to very basic looking graphics then that is NOT a good optimization. But, this game does not behave that way. So, 100% GPU usage in this game is a good thing, and it tells us that they got that part of the optimization right.

Does it mean they got all aspects of optimization right? Of course not!! The part of optimization that this game absolutely fails in is the frequent stutters and hitches that the game exhibits. The devs didn’t do a good job there at all. In most average machines (not necessarily all), the game has severe stutter, micro-stutter, or hitching problem. These are not generally related to the GPU, but rather CPU, RAM, VRAM and storage I/O streaming related. They come in the form of sudden pockets of very high latency frames (spikes in a frame-time graph) and give the sensation of stutters and hitches. Yes, this game is pretty bad in that department of optimization. But, my response was aimed towards the OP who was mistakenly thinking that high GPU usage is a problem whereas it is rather the opposite. High GPU usage is a good sign of a part of the optimization process. Of course it does not tell you the whole story. Overall, I think anyone would agree that the optimization is horrible for most machines in this game.


Yeah you’re right and thanks for taking the time to go in-depth on where the problem might be.
I’m just wondering what you think could be a true bottleneck or where the game is mis-behaving?
Is there a way we can combat it? What system do you think could propperly run the game?

I have:
i7 4770k @4.2ghz
8gb ram @3200mhz i think.
GTX970 oc’d
BL3 installed on a seperate SSD, not my SSD where windows is installed.

I think my bottleneck is the gpu & memory, but I’ve seen people report the same stutters with 32gb ram and RTX cards…

Yes a big problem in a wider spectrum than over heating xbox one x machines causing them to turn off to avoid damage to the console. Obviously it’s across all platforms, poor performance and causing hardware failures. Hope your GPU has a warranty. Highway robbery as the game is advertizes in 4k but only runs well below on One X… Cash out at all our expenses and then some. WAKE UP GEARBOX!


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What particular area do you get a lot of these problems in? I am not far into the game world yet. But, does the sanctuary run smoothly for you if you run all over it? Does lectra city play nicely for you? Or, is it everywhere in the game that has these problems for you?

Poor performance on console is when alot is happening during online game play. Console over heats and shuts down completely frequently, randomly and is a well known issue all over the news. Sounds like if your GPU isnt set up to auto turn off that it very well could damage your hardware. Sorry to hear of your problem, it sounds worse than xbox bc consoles auto shutdown to prevent damage.

Every zone in the game is different for me and it also depends heavily on the planet. (my fps ranges from 130fps down to 40fps through out the game on ultra low)

  • pandora is mostly smooth unless i hit the bigger cov camps with lots of building clutter (building parts?) (bandits / building clutter / guns that are being spawned etc all generate stutter for me)
    one of the last zones on pandora is horrible for me though between 50-60fps, also the biggest zone on pandora i think though.
  • eden-6 is mostly horrible, most zones im at 60-70fps with dips to 45 ish.
    The Anvil on Eden-6 is the worst, load in and after textures are loaded i have 100-120fps > walk around the corner and as soon as I see their camp / mobs spawn I drop instantly to 40-60 with constant stutters in the fight (absolute worst place for me to be)

Now, what is interesting to me, the proving grounds on endgame, there are a few where I have solid 70-90fps with a few stutters but not unplayable, the ‘animal’ proving grounds tend to run better than the CoV proving grounds, and the maliwan proving grounds run in between.

Also, very important test, I noticed some parts in the game run above my refresh rate (75hz), so I thought, oke if I lock the game at 60fps, I’m under my refresh rate and the stutters occuring when i have 90fps dipping to 70fps won’t be happening right?
Well it doesn’t matter anything because the same stutters would bring my game from 60fps to 40fps.

This happens anywhere for me, I even tried playing on 50% resolution which gives me a whopping 10fps increase (which is odd) and the game still stutters for me between 15-30fps for split seconds.

I’m so lost.

I just recorded a video for another thread in the forum. I tried getting as much run-through as possible by trying to run all over the sanctuary and getting into big fights with enemies in the hectic lectra city. For me personally, so far the game hasn’t felt any different from other games performance-wise. Solid smooth 60 fps across the board. But, my brother who runs an i5 has stopped playing the game with me because it simply is just unplayable on his rig where it hitches and literally freezes all over the place. Anyway, frame-rate (fps) is a very bad metric for measuring hitches and stutters. What you need is a frame-time graph. Look at mine in the video. If you are doing a vsync, ideally, it should look like a straight line (stutters, micro-stutters and hitches would show up as spikes on the line).

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I’m insanely impressed, your performance is absurd compared to mine.
I do think I don’t like vsync because of the delay, but that graph of a CONSTANT 60fps is so beautifull my god.

I’m sending you a message as I don’t want to flood this thread though :slight_smile:

If you’re going to complain about performance then you should at least post your specs (gpu, cpu, ram, at least) and your in game settings.

The common theme for a lot of pc gamers is thinking that the fault has zero chance of being on their end. Which is usually false. If you want to run 4k 144hz on a brand new AAA title you best have a brand new 3-4 grand build. Every game is different too, developers can’t magically make their game run on every system. Comparing titles can only go so far as well.

I’m running a 1080 strix, 7700k, 16gb/2600/DDR4 at 2650x1080 at a stable 60fps everywhere but certain Eden 6 locations. Volumetric fog and screen space reflections are huge fps hitters in any title, on any system outside bleeding edge, which Eden 6 is just full of. I have my settings mostly maxed outside of those two settings and material complexity/motion blur/view distance.

I see a lot of pc gamers expecting that just because they have a GTX2080 all games must run ultra or the fault is the developers. Even Arkham Knight on release has most gamers freaking out. When in reality (day one even) all you had to do was disable volumetric fog and remove the 30fps cap withing the config.ini

Seriously, my previous build was weaker than my current build and that’s all it took to run AK. My point is this: BL3 “performance issues” are drastically less than they appear. I’m sure I won’t be popular for saying this but most people screaming about performance are more at fault than they want to believe. This is the reality of modular hardware in gaming.

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Lol. Coming from a 60fps gamer this means absolutely NOTHING.

A LOT of us have monitors built after 2010. The game cannot do stable fps over 60. Ive tried even capping it to 85fps and using 100hz. Same crap.

Stable 60 fps is a PC gaming minimum standard. “Stable” is the keyword. The game can NOT do a stable 60 fps for most people let alone a stable fps over 60. If it did, there wouldn’t be as many complaints as you see. Again, the problem with this game is NOT fps. It is the lack of smoothness, and being riddled with stutter, micro-stutters and judders. These are bad frame-TIME not bad frame-RATE. You could be having 150+ fps on your fps counter at all times yet simultaneously have the worst performance if your frame-TIME or frame-pacing is all over the place.

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I’ve wondered how many are on mid/upper-mid-lvl laptops and yet expect hot-rod desktop performance.