GPU Usage going down and up - Never at 99%

Anyone with the same GPU and 8gb of ram having the same problem ? On the game benchmark i hit a 78 average FPS, however, during the benchmark gunfight and ingame gunfights, the fps just go to the garbage. From a 70 + avg to 45 in almost every scenarios. Also tried to cap the fps to 30, the game still managed to drop my fps to 25 during gunfights.

If not, what CPU are you using.

45 fps is hella good for this game right now xd
wait for some patch and stick it on low for now…

So i did some testings:

So, before people saying that its my cpu bottlenecking, i tested 10 + recent AAA games , on all of then my GPU stays at 100% or close to it.

What happens:

During the title menu my GPU is always at 99% however ingame it stays around 70% and sometimes ( specially when ADS ) it goes way down, sometimes even 20% usage and then go up to around 70% or a bit more.

Another thing, tried using DX12, my RAM probably didnt handle since it was stuck at 7950GB and getting a lot of stutters ( that happen when GPU usage goes down ) too, but now with DX12 the stutters caused by low GPU usage happen almost every 2 seconds just by moving camera.

Tried changing resolution, setting overall quality to Very Low, all settings on disable/very low, settings on medium/high/ultra/badass, fullscreen/bordless, rolling back drivers, verifying game files in epic, closing epic, setting nvidia settings to maxium performance, disabling social group in game settings, vsync on/off. Nothing works, the same GPU usage problem happens any way. CPU also doenst stay at 100%, it reaches that peak in rare cases sometimes but it goes back to an average of 87%.


GTX 1060 6GB

i5 3330 3.0GHz


Is someone with a similar specs to mine having the same problem ? Literally cant get 60 + fps in any settings because of that problem.