Graduated Cadet School bug?

I completed the tutorials of classic HW1 and 2 and HW1R tutorial. Havent completed HW2R tutorial thought it says its the same and its completed.

Is this a bug?

BTW two suggestions. In the last mission would be cool that if you repaired the ally battle cruisers they helped you. And also in the same mission, the three markers where the missiles are going should be permanent.

There are only three tutorials the H1C, H2C, and HW:R (which is just a redone HW2 tut in remastered) once you finish them all you get the achievement.

I said that I completed them all and didnt get the achievement…

I had to stay extra long in the HW1C tutorial and defeat all the waves of fighters/corvs that came in at the end before it gave it to me.